A Note From the Editorial Board

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David Royce

A Satirical Look at the Harvard House System, Circa 1956 by David Royce ’56, originally published March 29, 1956

It’s remarkable how little changes at Harvard, as these selected editorials from the 1955-56 school year attest. Typewriters may have turned into laptops, Ike and Nixon into Bush and Cheney, and the Student Council into the Undergraduate Council, but the challenges and issues facing Harvard­­ and the nation today—and the morsels of advice given to incoming freshmen—are shockingly similar to 50 years ago. So take a glimpse at the issues, the opinions, the life, and the students that animated Harvard in 1955-56­­.

—Adam M. Guren ’08, Associate Editorial Chair

In Retrospect
Active Houses
20 Below and In the Shade
A Year of Crimson Politicking
Tired Typists