English 10a, "Major British Writers I"

Professor Teskey's large mop of auburn hair has the uncanny feature of bobbing along to each recited word during English 10a, “Major British Writers” lectures.

The hair bounces over both the heroic might of Beowulf and the lyrical beauty of Herrick as he reads aloud in both Old and Middle English. Soon you'll want to join the facebook group "Actually, Gordon Teskey Should Narrate in Middle English for the Rest of My Life." Most importantly, Teskey always boils texts down to what Harvard students pine after: sex. Just a few words from the Professor on the true nature of "spirit" would send any sixth grader into a fit of giggles.

The reading varies from the light (Chaucer on flatulence) to the heavy (George Herbert on God), and the reading load is very well-paced. While the course does fulfill a Lit and Arts core, the majority of the people in the class are Humanities majors, which makes for excellent sections.