Fun and Gaymes

The tournament that brings together blowing, tying up and so much more

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Zain Khalid

The water balloon toss: where getting all wet is a bad thing.

While the Houses fight for this year’s Straus Cup, some have turned their attention to a new kind of trophy: The Gay Cup. The first annual Harvard Gay Games, sponsored by the Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, and Supporters Alliance (BGLTSA) took place last Sunday in the MAC Quad.

This Field Day-style athletic event, spearheaded by Lowell House BGLTSA tutors Christina G. Warinner and Marcus Alexander, included an egg-run, a three-legged race, hot potato, and the orange pass.

Despite the fierce competitive spirit, the Gay Games are meant to be fun and all-inclusive. “Our BGLT students are very integrated in the Houses. They’re not outsiders like they were 20 years ago, and so we wanted to give them an opportunity to come with all their friends, straight or BGLT,” Warinner said.

While this year’s attendance was less than impressive, enthusiasm and innuendos ran high. James H. O’Keefe ’09 was a newcomer to the idea of an egg-run relay race. “Do I put this in my mouth? Is that how this works?” he asked his teammates.

For many, the orange pass event was the highlight of the afternoon. Each team member had to hold an orange under their chin and pass it to the next member of the team: a new take on the term “contact” sport. “This is how I learned I was gay,” said Samuel L. T. Walsh ’09.

The games culminated in the ever-popular balloon stomp, combining participants’ athletic prowess and innovative defensive stratagems. “Those balloons are too small! I demand a re-blow!” said Chris L. Rucker ’07-’08. Quincy ended up winning this last event, but Adams House was victorious overall. But don’t worry: the Gaymes return next year with another chance to take home that long, smooth, shiny trophy.