Alison H. Rich '09

House: Quincy

Concentration: Special (Dramatic Arts and Psychology)

Hometown: Port Washington, NY

Ideal Date: Pretty much whatever as long as there is an intermission for napping

Best way for a guy/girl to get your attention: Naked running...that shit freaks me out.

Where to find you on a Saturday night: Hiding from the naked running people

First thing you notice about a guy/girl: Whether they are naked or running...neither would be good for a first impression

Your best pick-up line: I think we have to make love on the front lawn likec razed weasels NOW!! I’ve never actually used that one but I asked my friend for a good one and that’s what he came up with . i feel that pickup line is really going to take off at Harvard. You’re welcome.

Best or worst lie you’ve ever told: I think that’s what Jesus would do.

Something you’ve always wanted to tell someone: backstreet’s back alright

Favorite childhood toy: toothpaste

Favorite part about Harvard: the pretty views, the foreignors, and Quincy

grille food

Describe yourself in three words: Giant, decalingual (is that a word...whatever means speaks ten languages), and lying

In 15 minutes you are: Eating cheese fries if all the pennies in my wallet total $3.50.

In 15 years you are: possibly going through my shaved head, umbrella wielding, crazy, angry Britney phase, but hopefully just looking like one supa hot thirty-four year old.