Taking the MAC's Final Days to the Max

Erin E. Miles

Hitting the MAC, and cutting down on Big Macs.

The Malkin Athletic Center (MAC) has announced that it will close its doors March 19th, and many students are already starting to panic. With only 18 days to go, how can Harvard gym rats shed that unsightly body fat? By tapping into their hypercompetetiveness, of course! Enter the Team Fitness Challenge, which kicked off on January 10th.

“I came up with the Challenge after reading an article about New Year’s Resolutions,” says MAC Senior Operations Manager Jana Micomonaco. “Some key factors in keeping resolutions are an accountability system and a support structure.” The Team Fitness Challenge provides both.

Team Fo’ Flo’ In, short for Fourth Floor Initiative, feels extra motivation to get to the gym when their cherished ranking is on the line. Made entirely of freshman girls, Fo’ Flo’ In is ranked first among all-undergraduate teams and third overall. “It really adds extra incentive to work out,” says Ashley M. Messina ’10, a Hemenway Gym employee and team captain of the Fo’ Flo’ In.

The teams continue to sweat it out, clocking in as many minutes as possible before the MAC shuts down. Messina’s teammate, Taylor P. Chiu ’10, knows where she’ll be headed. “I’ll go to Hemenway, I guess.” Better sign up for your elliptical now.