Jamal A. Gorrick ’09

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Bora Fezga

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House: Leverett

Concentration: Psychology and Economics

Hometown: East Orange, NJ

Ideal Date: May 30th 1987...but that seems to be a once in a lifetime thing so I guess I’ll settle for good food and laughter anytime

What do you look for in a girl: Someone who can keep up

Where to find you on a Saturday night: Club Lamont with Rob Watson, Nick Chouder, and Molly Swenson

Your best pick up line: “So I heard there’s an Opportunes concert tonight...”

Best or worst lie you’ve ever told: I didn’t play football freshmen year...

Something you’ve always wanted to tell someone: I played football freshmen year...

Favorite childhood activity: Eating mangos and talking with animals

Sexiest physical trait: My well-endowed Vocal Chords

Best part about Harvard: G20

Worst part about Harvard: G20

Describe yourself in three words: I am REALLY...

In 15 minutes you are: Late to class

In 15 years you are: Late to work