Love It: Dating

Coupled? Single? FM execs weigh the pro and cons of the Harvard dating scene.

Natasha L. Coleman

Li, blinded by blissful coupledom, ignores Fleischer.

You’re just too busy—we get it. And yes, Harvard students are sadomasochists in a completely nonsexual way (“Wow, you’re taking six classes, playing lacrosse, and student-conducting HRO?”).

But come on, the menu is nothing to complain about—we’re just picky eaters. When are you ever again going to have such a smorgasbord of talented, wonderful, and deliciously awkward people? If you’ve ever tried to pick someone up at a bar/club/rock show, I’m sure you’ll agree: after traipsing around with violin prodigies, Olympic medallists, and of course, Spee boys, a 33-year-old light technician, however charming, just doesn’t match up.

At times when Harvard is kicking you in the ass, dating someone provides a little butt padding. Plus, you’ll never have the problem of adding flair to your relationships—the “challenges” of Harvard sufficiently prevent you from sitting in a room with your boo, fiddling your thumbs, and wondering, “Gee, what should we do now?” At the very least, you should be able to muster a romantic study date in Lamont (read: true love).

Harvard’s romantic scene may be limited to the “marrieds” and the hookups, but let’s be honest, UHS would be prescribing a lot less Prozac if more students let themselves embrace the former, more geriatric lifestyle.