Spin the Bottle, But Don't Drink Out of It

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Lily G. Bellow

One out of these three men has an alcohol disorder

Haven’t played spin the bottle since middle school? Well, you were still out of luck if you attended Drug and Alcohol Peer Advisers’ (DAPA) “Spin the Bottle”, which featured awkward discussions about drinking rather than awkward making out.

The event, held in Sever Hall, addressed alcohol in the media and its impact on college students. After grabbing a piece of cake and a drink in a DAPA-approved Solo cup, FM sat down to watch clips from classics like “10 Things I Hate About You,” “American Pie,” and the underrated “Real Cancun” (the last of which was broken into sections such as “Courage in a Can,” “Body Shots,” and “Message in a Bottle,” each covering a different negative, albeit awesome, aspect of alcohol use).

According to stats graciously gleaned from a character in “Real Cancun,” one out of three college students qualifies as having an alcohol disorder. Jackson Katz, another commentator in the film, described the alcohol party scene as “just messy.”

As soon as the film ended, a DAPA sparked talk among those in attendance by asking how relevant the movie was to Harvard. The discussion focused largely on the advertisement of alcohol, namely how beer and other liquor commercials often portray an average Joe surrounded by gorgeous women.

“People are drawn to him like a magnet just because he has a beer in his hand,” says James E. Causey about the ludicrousness of the ads.

Says DAPA board member JP F. Chilazi ’10 of the event, “I think ‘Spin the Bottle’ went great; people seem like they really bonded over the event.”

But not too intimately.