Pub Opens Outdoor Seating

The Cambridge Queen’s Head Pub opened the felt-rope entrance to its new outdoor patio yesterday afternoon under clear skies and in the midst of warm weather, a rarity of late.

A cluster of round metal tables and chairs, sectioned off with rope, in front of the Pub’s outside entrance comprise the new seating area. Although it currently seats just over twenty, Pub Manager Joshua P. Woodruff ’11 said there is still room to expand.

Both indoors and outside, students and administrators enjoyed the celebration at the Pub. Associate Dean of the College Judith H. Kidd, sporting a blue Hawaiian shirt and lei, spent some time behind the bar in support of the expanding pub.

“I think it’s nice to add another dimension to al fresco dining to the Harvard Yard,” she said. “I’m all for it.”

The atmosphere at the pub could only be described as business-tropic, with some donning suits and business attire and others opting for more festive Hawaiian shirts—but leis were all around. In addition to some complimentary refreshments, the pub also turned up the music a bit for the event.

Leah D. Seifu ’11 took advantage of the new outdoor seating to socialize with friends and enjoy some of the complimentary refreshments.

“I think the patio is a great addition that provides students with an inviting place to hang out between classes or in their free time,” she said.

Woodruff said the patio has been a long time coming and added that he is looking forward to the additional business it will bring.

“The patio, something we’ve been talking about for years but just now got the permits for, will be open for full service, weather permitting, for all business hours of the pub,” he said. “In addition, the patio will be open every Thursday of summer from 4-10 for ‘Summer Thursdays.’”

With spring on its way, The Queen’s Head hopes the patio will become a well-used space.

“Boston weather’s not great, everybody knows that,” Woodruff said. “But there are those days when the weather is good, like today, and people will have the chance to enjoy them at the Pub now.”

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