The J-Lin Watch: Week One

Jeremy Lin ’10 ended the month of October by playing against the Los Angeles Lakers. That’s right; Jeremy Lin faced off against Kobe Bryant and his five championship rings and came away with a very respectable stat line. He played for 16 minutes, scored two points, and had one rebound, three assists, and four steals. After the game, Lin led the NBA in steals per minutes played. Fan confidence in Lin was high as the Warriors headed to Memphis to play the Grizzlies. Unfortunately, Lin did not make it off the bench, but he performed well during warm-ups. Next, the Warriors faced off against the Utah Jazz. Lin, however, was not activated for the game. On the bright side, he looked great in business attire. For their final game of the week, Lin’s Warriors took on the Detroit Pistons. Lin again did not get a chance to play, but he did suit up for this game. He was in uniform, ready to go, just waiting for Coach Keith Smart to call his name.

Even though Lin saw as much playing time as the Warrior’s mascot in the last three games, he is still number six in the whole league in steals per game (right above Tony Parker and Chris Paul and just behind fellow rookie John Wall, while LeBron James is just sort of hanging out at number 27). In other words, Jeremy Lin, undrafted Ivy Leaguer, is making his minutes count, and he is coming after your sponsorship deals and defensive records.

Until next week,

The FM Sports Desk