Indoor Activity

DoReMi Karaoke

If you’re sick of slurred serenades at the Queen’s Head on Thursday nights, but you and your friends still crave some time in the limelight, DoReMi might just be your answer. Hidden away in the Korean district of Allston, DoReMi is the secret gem of Boston’s karaoke enthusiasts. For $7.50 per person per hour, a group of four can rent out an entire private room, furnished with leather couches, a big-screen TV, and a deafening sound system designed to drown out the wailing from adjacent rooms. Though selecting songs can get a little complicated with the Korean remote controls, there is an extensive selection of popular English-language tunes. The establishment also attempts to remain current, so look out for the latest Top 40 updates if you’re in the mood to bust out some Beiber.

Because videos are shadily imported from Asia, many of their Western counterparts may not include 100 percent spot-on lyrics or a corresponding background video. But then again, the whole beauty of karaoke is that if you yell loudly enough into the microphone, no one will ever notice.

442 Cambridge St. Allston. Cambridge and Hano (#66 bus).