10 Things To Talk About This Weekend

1.  Some eat what they love. Others just love people who eat. According to Liam Hemsworth, a love of food is one of Miley Cyrus’s most alluring qualities. Miley’s boyfriend reported to the press, “When I look over at her when she’s biting into a steak sandwich and there is some steak sauce dripping down her chin, there is nothing sexier than that.”

2.  Black Friday... on Thursday? If the turkey dinner’s not doing it for you, you might want to ditch the table and get to your favorite stores extra early. Large retailers such as Walmart, Target, and Toys ‘R’ Us are slated to open as early as 10 p.m. on Thursday night. Some feel that “Black Thursday” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

3.  Who let the dog out? Yale did. In anticipation of the upcoming game, Yalies have resorted to a desperate measure to break their losing streak: erecting a quarter-ton bronzed statue of their beloved mascot, Handsome Dan. Let The Game(s) begin.

4.  Here’s something for a sister to swear about. Delois Blakely is suing Disney and Sony Pictures for allegedly stealing the idea for their 1992 movie "Sister Act" from her autobiography.

5.  Tree climbing never gets old, even if you do. “Technical tree climbing” or “rec” climbing is becoming an increasingly popular way to reach new heights while getting a great workout. According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, you should make sure you climb with ropes, as “free climbing” can damage the tree.

6.  The “Harry Potter” saga never ends. There may be no more installments to look forward to, but a University of Texas Dallas scientist is working on an invisibility cloak, for the aid of wizards and muggles alike.

7.  Barack Obama and his Discontents: Practicing psychoanalyst and author Dr. Justin Frank delves into Obama’s psyche in “Obama on the Couch: Inside the Mind of the President.” In the book, Frank coins the phrase “Obsessive Bipartisan Disorder” and identifies Obama as a sufferer.

8.  Michelle Obama, meanwhile, made an appearance on iCarly, where she showed off her best dance moves.

9.  Free beer draws the best (and worst) of ’em. After previous tactics failed, British cops tracked down suspects by pretending to be a marketing firm and offering each a free crate of ale.

10.  Better eat your vegetables.  Congress passed a bill that would allow pizza sauce to count as a vegetable in school cafeterias.


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