Jukebox: Dancing

From glitzy music videos to clumsy homemade recordings, the phenomenon of YouTube dancing tells us one thing: people love to watch other people get down. This week, FM brings you a selection of the very best videos the internet has to offer of people bopping, grooving and boogying like there ain’t no tomorrow.

Video: Spike Jonze Presents: Lil Buck and Yo-Yo Ma

Song: Saint-Saëns’ “The Swan”

If the word “cool” was ever in the word “classical,” Yo-Yo Ma ’76 would know how to put it back in. A cellist and a street dancer may seem like a strange pairing, but the combined talent of these two virtuosos makes their collaboration a sight worth seeing. At first I was like, wtf, and then I was like, omg.

Video: OK Go “Here It Goes Again” (Official Video)

After this video’s release OK Go probably thought they had made it to the big leagues. More than 50 million views plus a Grammy Award for Best Short Form Music Video–what more could a surprisingly athletic but otherwise generic indie band dream of? Well, perhaps not being known as “that treadmill band” for the rest of their lives ...

Video: Baby Dancing to Beyoncé!

Song: Beyoncé “Single Ladies”

As we know, combining Beyoncé with a baby is guaranteed to result in more media attention than anyone knows what to do with. However, the star of this nauseatingly famous video, Baby Cory, has taught us that the child doesn’t necessarily have to be her own. Having charmed YouTube enthusiasts the world over with his musically adept knee bounces and side-to-side waddling, Baby Cory skilfully continues to cultivate his public image through his own Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Video: The T-Mobile Royal Wedding

Song: East 17 “House of Love”

Think “The Office” meets the hats from the Kentucky Derby. This parody of the royal procession down the aisle features a very convincing cast of characters, including the Archbishop of Canterbury and even the Queen herself getting down to East 17’s House of Love with all the dignity one expects.

Video: B2K “Gots Ta Be” (Official Video)

2002 in the fairly tame world of R&B: the golden age of matching outfits, inventive head coverings, and decked-out Burberry. Yet what really makes this era distinctive is an incredible capacitiy and affinity for synchronization—as demonstrated by the likes of boy band B2K. Smooth moves executed in near-robotic unison? We still be wantin’ them “so damn bad.”


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