Jukebox: Better songs about Friday

Even if you you you so excited to get down on Friday, a recap of the days of the week is completely redundant to anyone out of preschool. Before Sunday comes—apparently it’s after Saturday—listen to these other Friday-themed songs that are sure to make the weekend fun ....

“Friday” — Ice Cube

We would party with this guy over Rebecca Black any day. The girls in his music video aren’t wearing braces—or much else.

“Last Friday Night” — Katy Perry

No matter what happened, waking up to “glitter all over the room” and “pink flamingos in the pool” sounds like a pretty successful Friday night.

“Thank God it’s Friday” — R. Kelly

R. Kelly wants you to let him know if you find the party spot. In the meantime, he is bursting with gratitude for the arrival of the weekend: “Oh God, thank you for Friday ... Heavenly Father.”

“Freaky Friday” — Aqua

Aqua is confused, and arguably even less eloquent than Rebecca. “Life’s a country song, what the heck is going on?” We have no idea, but we might not take her suggestion to “play on the highway”—especially if Rebecca and her preteen gang are on the road.

“Friday I’m in Love” — The Cure

Same idea, more actual rhymes. And fewer random rappers in cars.