Drinky Drink: Sam Adams Edition

Danielle L Lussi

The Cambridge-based rapper Sam Adams performs alongside Far East Movement and The White Panda at Yardfest on Sunday. Instead of drinking your usual Coors or Keystone this weekend, try a beer made by Boston-based brewer Samuel Adams. Celebrate this happy geographic coincidence; the possibilities are endless:

1) Like a G6

Keep it gangsta. Drink it up. Now get two more bottles, ’cuz you know it don’t stop.

2) Like a Local, in a Pint at Grendel’s Den

This month, Grendel’s Den is featuring Samuel Adams’ Rustic Saison in its always-changing guest tap.

3) Like it’s 2003

The brewery released a limited edition beer called “Utopia” that boasted almost 25 percent alcohol by volume. Be prepared to spend at least $400 on eBay for one bottle.

4) Like a Brit, with Guinness

Mix half a bottle of Guinness with half a bottle of Samuel Adams. Voila! You’ve made yourself a Black and Sam’s.

5) Like it’s the 1700s, in Mass. Hall

Little known fact: Mass. Hall is the former home of Samuel Adams, class of 1740. Drink a Samuel Adams in Samuel Adams’ old bedroom and help bring back the long-lost tradition.

6) Like it’s the Summer

The new seasonally produced summer ale hit stores at the beginning of the month. Check for it at C’est Bon or DOMA.

7) Like an Outdoorsman, in a CamelBak

Want to enjoy a lager at the show? Load up your reservoir before heading to Yardfest.