Find Your True Self: Which Activity is Right for You?

Remember that time when your friend saw you at the activity fair and was all, “Ohmigosh, you absolutely have to check out the Harvard Band. It’s, like, more amazing than if, like, Justin Bieber were to go on tour with *NSYNC!” And you were all like, “Ew, that club sounds gross,” because that girl/guy you think is cute was nearby and you didn’t want them to think you’re a total weirdo, but secretly you really love your trombone? I know, right? Well, here’s your chance to find out which activity on campus is the perfect fit for you. This time without worrying about social stigmas.

1) How would you describe yourself?

a.    Outgoing

b.    “Colorful”

c.    I can only identify myself by those around me.

d.    Misunderstood

e.    Level 70 Paladin

2) What is your spirit animal?

a.    Tiger

b.    Lion

c.    Liger

d.    Lolcat

e.    Octopus

3) When in Rome ...

a.    Rape and Pillage.


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