FM Jukebox: Do it While You Work, Young Folks

We hear you before we see you, whistling along to a familiar tune that we’re pretty sure neither of us can place. We think it’s from that one Kia Hyundai commercial, circa 2006. But we’re not brazen enough to approach you, or to inquire about that “doo-da-doo da-doo da-doo” ditty on Yahoo Answers. Here are the five songs you can hum or whistle from start to end, but could never name.

Andrew Bird: “A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left”

If Bird’s mantank, deftly pursed lips, and charming melodies don’t lure you in, uncontrollable spasms will. He may be moving his head to the left, but he’s sure got something right.

Noah and the Whale: “5 Years Time”

Here’s to preventing the awkward realization that, five years down the road, you’ll have whistled the song for 10, but never known its name. We’ll give you the name, but if you forget the lyrics (“sun sun sun,” “fun fun fun”), you’re on your own.

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros: “Home (RAC Remix)”

With lyrics like “Hot and heavy, pumpkin pie, chocolate cake and Jesus Christ,” this song has cross-demographic appeal.  Throw in a dose of nostalgia and a catchy chorus and you’ve got a road-ready recipe for happy-go-lucky whistling.

Paul Simon: “Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard”

This classics vintage appeal is undeniable.  Whistling along while you walk to the (school) Yard is a chipper way to start any day.

Too Short: “Blow the Whistle”

Sure, it may not be the best for whistling while you work, but this hyphy sampling still deserves a spot on your playlist for expertly transforming cheery whistling into some real hardcore shit.