Ten Things to Talk About

1. Feel the Revolution: Over the past couple of weeks, hundreds have taken part in the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, demonstrating in lower Manhattan.  At least 80 were arrested at the march last Saturday.

2. Congress prepares for another showdown, this time regarding funding for disaster relief.

3. But the most depressing showdown of the month goes to Snooki and Jionni.  The scenes of Snooki bawling in the streets of Florence were … intense.

4. Future Wall Street applicants, take note.  A new study—undertaken by a former derivatives trader, no less—suggests that hormones drive investment decisions, leading to irrational decisions. In other words, under the influence of a surge of testosterone or cortisol, you might forget everything you learned in Ec 10.

5. On the other hand, those of you who placed Ryan Fitzpatrick ’05 on your fantasy football rosters made a good bet.  Fitzpatrick has emerged as the star quarterback of the Buffalo Bills.

6. Insert motivational (but probably not so outrageous) platitude here: A story in last week’s New York Times asks, “What if the Secret to Success is Failure?”

7. The temperatures might still be in the 70s, but celebrate the coming of fall this Sunday with the 33rd Annual Harvard Square Oktoberfest & HONK! Festival Parade.

8. Harvard now has a new second-place prize to add to its mantelpiece. According to a recent survey, Harvard ranks just behind Notre Dame in social media use.

9. Here’s a story of a lovely lady: Florence Henderson, best known for playing the role of Carol Brady, tells all in her new memoir, “Life is Not a Stage.”  Embarrassing secrets abound (think crabs).

10. All in the name of sanitation—Did you know that San Francisco is proposing a law that would require nudists to place a protective barrier over bus seats, restaurant chairs, or public benches before perching?  More importantly, did you know that public nudity is allowed in San Francisco?


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