A Few of Their Favorite Things

FM checks out professors’ offices to learn about the possessions they most prize.

Alice H Shen

Assistant Professor Ryan D. Enos's favorite pen was given to him by one of his advisors when he received his Ph.D.

Farish A. Jenkins, Jr.

Professor of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology

1. Dinosaur ankle bones

2. A Czechoslovakian rabbit fur hat:

His trademark hat, which he describes as “very soft.”


3. An apple basket:

He brings apples to his students from his farm.

4. A cast of a forepaw of a great white bear from an expedition to Antarctica. The bear walked within 50 feet of his tent.

Dr. Gregory Tucci

Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies and Senior Lecturer in Chemistry and Chemical Biology

1. Albert Einstein Bookends:

A gift from his aunt upon completion of his Ph.D

2. Several dirty wine glasses:

“Every time a Chair of the Department retires, we have a glass of champagne,” Tucci explained. “I keep it and don’t clean [the glass].”

3. Pomegranate Green Tea Superfruit Tea and Tazo Tea containers:


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