Shopping Week is Like Rush...

Shopping week is like…

Shopping week is like…

Going to the MAC—you only do it for the first week of the semester.

A Cambridge stabbing—happens more than once a year.

My sister—over-stuffed.

Agricultural collectives—so many trips to the Coop.

Rush—you just do what your friends are doing.

My grandmother’s funeral—it’s not rude to get up and leave early.

The Pope.

Binge drinking—five every hour.

Waiting for your period—you still don’t know by Thursday.

Just the tip—doesn’t count.

Seminars are like...

Picking up girls—a 3.0 is fine if it’s your only option.

Daisy chains—awkward when someone comes late.

The Harvard Republican Club—don't expect more than 12 people to show up.

My poops—the serious ones last for at least two hours.