Tyra's #HB(omb)S Reunion

Courtesy of Hulu

Tyra Banks showing off her dipl—certificate from Harvard Business School

She only went here for nine weeks, and, sure, she doesn't actually have a Harvard "diploma" (in spite of this touching but tragically misleading photo), but these facts are mere technicalities for Tyra Banks, who spent last weekend back in her element, tweeting up an H-Bomb storm from her HBS Owner/President Management Program reunion.

Her few weeks as a Harvard student may have been hard ones for the supermodel, but these days Tyra is waxing nostalgic about the good old days when she ate with the plebeians and even sometimes saw them in their pajamas. After all, she met "amazing" people here, including these random fans and this one blonde woman (TyTy's Harvard BFF?) whom she taught to smize like a pro.

Complete with HBS cookies and a chocolate stiletto, this past weekend appears to have been a wild one for Tyra and her Business School buds, whom she's undoubtedly missing already. Just look at that longing gaze! What she wouldn't give to be back in the dorms...