Admissions Office Extends EA Deadlines

Step 1
Sharon Kim

Applications begin to trickle into the filing room in the basement of Harvard’s Office of Admissions in the fall, and by December, the stream of applications has become a deluge. The 30 students who work in the file room begin to file applications on Oct. 1, placing material submitted by applicants into alphabetized folders that fill dozens of filing cabinets in the long, narrow file room. In January, a team of 40 students from the surrounding area, drawn mainly from the University of Massachusetts system, processes the bulk of the applications.

Now high school students have a reason to rejoice as much as we are: The Harvard Admissions offices announced that due to the impending storm and possible power outages, it has granted students applying under the early action program an extension for submitting their admissions materials. The announcement, posted on the admissions website, states that the office is always flexible in accepting applications late due to extenuating circumstances, whether it be extreme weather or personal issues.

So seniors, while it’s storming outside, hunker down and read over that Common Application essay one more time. And hey, without internet access there shouldn’t be any distractions!