Tipsters Explain a Very Green John Harvard


Thanks to our readers, the mystery of the green John Harvard has been solved (kind of). While one tipster wondered, "Is John Harvard painted green in honor of [the] stoplight dance last night, meaning he's single?" it turns out (unfortunately for some) that the green paint wasn't a testament to John's relationship status.

Instead, history and multiple tipsters inform us that it was likely pranksters from Dartmouth, intent on spreading their school's color before a big sports event. Still, we're slightly baffled. The next Harvard-Dartmouth game is Men's Swimming and Diving on Nov. 10...and it's taking place at Cornell. That, or Dartmouth was celebrating a win against Women's Soccer on Oct. 28, which seems a bit late for such a big gesture. Either way, if that's what Dartmouth feels they need to do to ensure a win, then we're not all that worried. After all, there's a reason parents say practice, not pranking, makes perfect.