It Takes Two: Michelle L. Picard ’15 and Lyndsey B. Fry ’14

Ice Hockey Players
Tarik Adnan Moon

Lyndsey B. Fry ’14 and Michelle L. Picard ’15 have been playing hockey for most of their lives—and this November, they’ll be playing together for the U.S. National Women’s team at the Four Nations Cup in Finland. Both are players on the Harvard women’s hockey team, and the two sat down with FM to talk about the Mighty Ducks and friendship, on and off the ice. The interview has been edited for concision.


“I started watching Mighty Ducks movies—the Disney movies—and probably when I was four my parents ended up buying me the strap-on-your-shoes rollerblades, so I was just going up and down my street and could not stop and loved every second of it. Finally, my dad brought home a stick and put it in my hand.

When I was five I started playing roller hockey at a roller rink by my house. At that time, my dad was commuting to California, so I got to see some real Mighty Ducks games, which was cool. When I was six, they built an ice rink by my house, and I started playing ice hockey and never went back to roller.

When I was a junior in high school, I got invited to my first camp for the U.S. team. The way it works is, you don’t ever play with the U.S. team all year round unless it’s centralization for the Olympics. Otherwise, you play on your separate teams, and then you go to these camps and make the team hopefully, and then you go to the tournament that’s coming up. So when I was a junior in high school I made my first camp, and then I got invited to my first U-18 team [for players under eighteen years old].

Then, I got to Harvard, and that Christmas I made my first over-18 camp. But I didn’t really perform that well there, and then the next year—things weren’t quite going the way I wanted them to go. So this summer I just really committed myself to making it to this August camp where there was going to be a U-22 [over-18] series. I worked really hard and ended up making that U-22 team. And then after that I got picked for this Four Nations tournament, which is what’s coming up in Finland.

The Four Nations tournament—it’s us, Canada, Sweden, and Finland, and we just rotate every year. Four Nations is a big tournament; it tells everyone where they’re at. I’m excited to see where I fit in with the best of the best.

I met Shelly my second year of U-18s. But I wouldn’t say I knew her that well at that point. It wasn’t until she got here last year that we started getting really close, and now she’s one of my really good friends. She’s an awesome person to be around off the ice and especially on the ice. She’s an incredibly motivated person and she knows what she wants. When my head wasn’t necessarily right last year and hockey wasn’t going well for me, she was a really good person to look up to in that way.