Facebook Cover Photos For You, From Harvard

Back on Campus
Keren E. Rohe

Famous Harvard-dropout and Facebook founder Mark E. Zuckerberg speaks to the press before attending a selective recruiting event intended to attract Harvard's best and brightest to careers at Facebook in November 2011.

You know Harvard is getting desperate for some social media publicity when it publishes an album of ready-to-download 'Facebook Timeline Cover Photos' ranging from the Weld Boat House to Jeremy Lin in his Harvard uniform (do we finally have a mascot?!).

Though the website clearly states that the photos are not intended to be used or perceived as sponsorship of any kind, is it too much to ask if perhaps Harvard might investigate a promotional partnership with the Harvard Douchebag?

In spite of this shamelessly forget-me-not move from his alma mater, Mark Zuckerberg has yet to take notice. As his recent cover photos show, he'd rather be a Harvard Good Guy.