Overheard at YardFest

Yardfest Gathering
Doreen Xu

Students gather on the steps of Widener to eat, socialize, and soak up the atmosphere overlooking Yardfest and Tercentenary Theater.

Flyby went to YardFest, and we eavesdropped on a few conversations. Here is what we heard:

Girl by Widener:

"I got it! I got some crack!"

Two days before YardFest:

1: "Are you excited about The Cataracs?"

2: "Yeah...I don't even know who The Cataracs are. I'm just excited for day drinking."

On the grass:

1. "Where's [name omitted]?"

2. "I left her for two minutes to get her water. When I got back, she was with HUPD. Apparently she was falling all over herself."

1. "Damn. That girl goes too hard."

Weld bathroom:

"Never been this drunk in my life. I'm too drunk. My pants are not buttoned."

By the stage:

1. "Oh my God, look at them grinding. She's literally butt-massaging his knee."

2. "Awkward height difference..."