Hey Prefrosh! Here's Some Real Harvard Lingo

Admittedly Confused
Martin C. Ye

An admitted student of Harvard's class of 2015 asks her student host a question during Visitas, Harvard College's preview weekend for admitted students.

Hey prefrosh, this one's for you. You're obviously smart enough to get into Harvard, but are you smooth enough to pass as a current student? Here are some key terms to help you sound like a true Harvardian during Visitas. Study the words and phrases below before you get to campus and no one will ever know you're a prefrosh.

Anns (Annz): The freshman dining hall (short for Annenberg).

The Crab: The most poorly named, yet exclusive finals club on campus.

The Facebook: It's not just Facebook here. Note our tribute to Zuckerberg's original concept.

"I'm getting a Froyo to go-yo 'cause yolo": What students say when they get a frozen yogurt to go from the dining halls.

The Rad: The Radcliffe Quadrangle. Really far away, prefrosh probably won't end up there.

Owl me: What students say instead of "text me". We're pretty big Harry Potter fans here.

Ochios: The late-night pizza stop, whose official name is Pinocchio's.

Roach Row: The nickname for the upperclassmen Houses that border the Charles River, named so because of the high number of roaches.

Swipies: The Harvard IDs we use to swipe into buildings.

Wagons: An endearing name for our shuttle system, which has routes running all over campus from Anns to the Rad to Roach Row.