This Is What Talking to Your Advisor Is Like


Advisor: So, what are you thinking about concentrating in?

Student: I don’t even know what that word means.

Advisor: It’s like a major but you can only choose Economics or something intellectual-sounding with a secondary in Economics.

Student: Well, should I also be thinking about Gen Ed requirements?

Advisor: I don’t know. I’m a swim coach.

Student: You must know something about Harvard.

Advisor: I coach at BU.


Advisor: Welcome back! How are you liking the Quad?

Student: I feel empty inside.

Advisor: Cool! So what concentrations are you thinking about!?

Student: Economics or English, but, to be honest, after the death of my au-

Advisor: Great options! If you choose Economics, you’ll probably end up working in consulting. If you choose English, you’ll also work in consulting, but with a firmer grasp of James Joyce.

Student: Nothing matters.


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