For the (Guinness World) Record

Harvard students are high achievers in all walks (or, more aptly, crawls) of life. In order to showcase our community’s more bizarre achievements, FM has compiled a list of the Guinness World Record holders on campus:

1. Fastest mile while crawling (22 minutes and four seconds) – Laura E. D’Asaro '13

2. Fastest marathon while juggling three objects (2:58:23), fastest mile on a unicycle (3:26:22), fastest mile on a unicycle while juggling (3:50:63) – Zach J. Warren, Harvard Divinity School '07

3. Largest box fort (568 cardboard boxes) – Laura E. D’Asaro '13 and members of Kirkland house

4. Longest phone conversation (46:12:25) – Eric R. Brewster '14 and Avery A. Leonard '14

5. Most simultaneous fist bumps (404 individuals) – 2010 Harvard Relay for Life participants

6. Longest sustained game of basketball (72 hours) – Zack E. Wortman '14

7. First patented animal (OncoMouse) – Philip Leder '56 and Timothy A. Steward, Harvard researchers

8. Most likes on a Facebook post (1,045,272 likes) – Mark E. Zuckerberg

9. Youngest Billionaire – Mark E. Zuckerberg

10. Wealthiest University – Harvard