Drinky Drink: Your iPhone, Your Vodka, and You

Drinky Drink: Apple
Anna M Frappaolo

’Tis the season for Apple™ picking. Sigh, if only the iPhone 5 grew on trees. In honor of this fall’s hottest gadget, enjoy these drinks inspired by the company that monopolizes your technological needs.

Apple Pie Shooters

Knock back a few of these sweet shots, but don’t forget to make one for Siri.

- 1 oz. vanilla vodka

- 1 oz. apple cider

- Whipped cream

- Cinnamon

Pour apple juice and vodka into shot glass, top with whipped cream, sprinkle cinnamon onto tongue, and consume.

Cran-Apple Fizz

Because you’ll need something to spill on that clunky iPhone 4S to justify buying the new one.

- 2 oz. apple brandy

- 2 oz. apple juice

- 2 oz. cranberry juice

- ½ tsp. lime juice

- Sparkling water


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