Tràta, Someone’s Favorite Restaurant, Dies At Age 4

“That Place Next To Daedalus” died August, 2012 in its home on Mt. Auburn St. It was four years old.

It took weeks for the untimely death to be discovered by Quincy residents from their dining hall window and even longer for drunk students looking for late-night snacks and electrolytes at Tommy’s Value to notice, too. Eventually, two people lacking in conversation topics reported to their peers, “Did you hear about what’s going on at ‘That Place On Mt. Auburn That Looked Alright’?” They received blank stares in return.

The little restaurant that couldn’t, Tràta was many things to many people—restaurant, bar, place to walk past on a trip to Dunster. It will be remembered by some as the place they went to freshman year with their parents before they heard about Cambridge 1, by others as the place they thought about going to with their parents freshman year before they went to Cambridge 1, and by seven people as the best restaurant in Harvard Square.

Like a dependable friend, “You Know, That Italian-Slash-Pizza Place? No, Not Otto But The Sit Down Place That Starts With A ‘T’”, was always there for the four Harvard students who needed it. Among Tràta’s achievements was its role as a pioneer in the field of pulled pork and blue cheese pizza.

True to a misguided translation of its name in Spanish, if at first you don’t succeed, Tràta again.

Tràta is survived by The Boathouse.


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