MISSING PERSON: Government 1310 Disappears From Course Catalog

Government 1310: “Introduction to Congress” disappeared spring semester of 2013 at its home of courses.cs50.net. It is three years old.

A wide range of students from different sports teams—from basketball to football to baseball—all confirmed the disappearance. After years of popularity, when it seemed to have it all figured out, Government 1310’s life took an unexpected turn. Last year, some students saw Government 1310’s behavior change as it began to act unpredictably. About Government 1310, one student anonymously told the QGuide, “I got shafted.”

Government 1310’s disappearance prompted a search for new classes. Many students found an alternative in Sociology 43: “Social Interaction.”

If a student had been contacted about Government 1310’s disappearance, he might have said the exact same thing as the student before him, who might have said the same thing as the student before him.

Government 1310 has left a note on courses.cs50.net that it will return in Spring ’14. If you know the whereabouts of the course beforehand, or see a class that fits this description, please contact the nearest thesis-writing senior immediately.