Fifteen Hottest Freshmen '16: Around Our Town

Leisure sports on the grass
Shunella Grace Lumas

Navy and Black Blazers provided by Anderson-Little

It’s that time of year again. FM brings you the much-anticipated, much-loved Fifteen Hottest Freshmen of the Class of 2016. They’re cute, they’re fierce, and they’re about to lead you through some of Harvard Square’s favorite haunts. Have fun with it.

Saad Amer

Alexander G. B. Danilovich

Alistair A. Debling

Noah J. Harrison


15 Hottest Freshmen '16

15 Hottest Freshmen '16

Nicky C. Hirschhorn

Sarah A. Jackson

Eriko M. I. Kay

Tiffany A. Lazo-Cedré

Leo Lim

Howard G. Mingo

Martina I. Salander

Margot C. S. Solmssen

Patrick Steeves

Amber A. Wade

Eli Wilson Pelton

Navy and Black Blazers provided by Anderson-Little.