Taking Their Talents to the Ivies

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Every year, hundreds of Division I college coaches make trips across the country to watch high school prospects compete in league games, tournaments, and showcases. But although the focus is most often put on players once they have displayed college-level potential, the athletes’ preparation and schooling decisions begin much earlier.

Carroll is constantly on the lookout for basketball talent that matches his philosophy. As he strives to make NMH the best academic and basketball school in the country for students preparing for college, Carroll scans the internet for videos and highlight clips of athletes that could fit his program.

He is often the one reaching out to players like Albrecht, convincing them to consider his school, telling them that NMH can offer a proven and developed basketball program that has sent almost 60 of its hoops stars to Division I programs. After refining his program over the past decade, Carroll can offer something that public schools and even most private institutions and prep schools cannot: the opportunity to play college basketballin high school.

Cummins was another recruit that Carroll pushed hard for. After considering the Phillips Exeter and NMH, Cummins transferred to Carroll’s program after his sophomore year in high school, fully convinced by the merits of Carroll’s program.

“Athletically, Coach Carroll does a lot of work talking with college coaches about everything,” Cummins said. “Whether its how they schedule their practices, [and other] things like that. He makes an effort to make his program as close as possible to a college program.”

And while winning championships is one of Carroll’s goals, his ultimate focus is far beyond taking home a prep school title. He wants to ensure that his players not only reach the next level but also go the extra mile.

“The idea of coming to NMH is to get the preparation and the exposure academically, socially, and athletically to not just get to these great colleges but to also excel once they are there,” Carroll said. “It all starts before their arrival here. They have an intent. They have goals, dreams, and aspirations to be at the level. When they get here, we go to work for them to get them the exposure they are looking for.”

Along For the Ride
Sophomore Evan Cummins was one of Carroll's many recruits to NMH.


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