Harvard Drops Midweek Contest, 13-9

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Aside from Andersen’s five goals and Price’s one, senior Jelena Cyr and freshman Melissa Balding, and freshman Alexis Del Toro each added a score apiece.

“We’re always making adjustments during the game, we change up our sets pretty regularly,” Minnis said. “[There was] nothing that we didn’t see in the scouts and watching film on them. They were pretty much doing everything that we knew they were going to do they just did it a little better than we were able to stop defense wise.”

Dukes made five saves in net while Price led the way in steals with three, but the Crimson was consistently outnumbered by Bears on the defensive end.

“We just really wanted to come out strong and play mistake free,” Price said. “Our shots just didn’t really fall and a lot of things resulted in goals on their side.”

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