71 Students Awarded Hoopes Prizes

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Gladstone plans on continuing to do cardiology research next year in a clinical setting, but she first plans to spend her prize money on a cross-country road trip this summer.

Daniel J. Frim ’14 won his second Hoopes prize for a thesis on folklore and mythology in Jewish text. Frim also received the coveted honor last year for his research on a “Mythological Motif in the Jewish Babylonian Aramaic Incantation Bowls.”

“It came as a surprise both times,” Frim said. “I was very pleased and honored both times.”

According to Secretary of the Faculty Susan L. Lively, the only junior to win a Hoopes this year was Alexander G. Krolewski ’15, for his submitted essay on luminosity and black hole mass.

A full list of winners is below:

Amsale Alemu '14, Levent H. A. Alpöge '14, Victoria A. Baena '14, Sascha Bercovitch '14, Madeleine F. Bersin '14, Ian C. Boothby '14, Haley Bowen '14, Amy W. Bridge '14, Elizabeth H. Byrne '14, Katryna Cadle '14, William Z. Chen '14, Maura D. Church '14, Anne Marie Creighton '14, Rainer Crosett '14, Alexander J. Diaz '14, Rumur Dowling '14, Daniel J. Frim '14, Rachel A. Gladstone '14, Joseph E. Glynias '14, Brooke Griffin '14, Emily E. Groopman '14, William H. Hakim '14, Morgan E. Henry '14, Kaiyang Huang '14, Thomas J. Hwang '14, Pragya Kakani '14, Yun Jee Kang '14, Alice A. Kenney '14, Shira Batya Kogan '14, Sandra Y. L. Korn '14, Alexander G. Krolewski '15, Andrew S. Lea '14, Norah E. Liang '14, Yueran Ma '14, David C. Manella '14, Akhil Mathew '14, Sheba M. Mathew '14, Asfandyar A. Nadeem '14, Dylan J. Nagler '14, Sorrel W. Nielsen '14, Judy S. Park '14, Valerie J. Piro '14, William F. Poff-Webster '14, Robert E. Powers '14, Tarina Quraishi '14, Krishnan S. Ramanujan '14, Nicholas T. Rinehart '14, Rebecca D. Robbins '14, Benjamin M. Scuderi '14, Michael S. Segel '14, Georgia H. A. Shelton '14, Valerie Shen '14, Jun Shepard '14, Alex R. Smith '14, Jennifer Soong '14, William D. Stemberg '14, Tanner R. Strickland '14, Kevin Sun '14, Kristina L. Tester '14, Carol B. N. Tran '14, Rebecca E. Tweedie '14, ImeIme Umana '14, Beatrice A. Walton '14, Samantha S. Wesner '14, Eric Westphal '14, William P. Whitham '14, Avery W. Williamson '14, Natania R. Wolansky '14, Xin Xiang '14, Matthew W. Yarri '14

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This article has been revised to reflect the following correction:

CORRECTION: May 9, 2014

An earlier version of this article misspelled the names of Andrew S. Lea '14 and Thomas J. Hwang '14.