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Rock. The. Flannel.

steeze /stēz/ noun

the quality of being effortlessly stylish or fashionable; a hybrid of “style” and “ease”

As the leaves change and autumnal loneliness settles in, the predicament of how to remain fashionable and simultaneously warm becomes increasingly relevant. You’re unsure if you should wear your club-embroidered Patagonia. You’re unsure if you should meticulously assemble an outfit to impress that girl you saw at the Goldman panel. You’re cold. You’re scared. But have no fear. The solution comes in the form a wooly wearable blanket of pure steeze.

Flannels are great because they do not simply bolster your stylistic arsenal. They do so much more.

Social Media Aesthetic Enhancer

Yellow leaves, the Quincy hammock, and a flannel—name a more iconic trio. Your mom and dad haven’t heard from you in a while and want to know that you’re doing alright. How can you do this and break the 100-like threshold on the ‘Gram? Flannel pic in the hammock. Concerns: quelled. Clout: activated.

Stylish Snuggie Alternative

Plaid goes well with everything. You know what else goes well with everything? Comfort. A plaid flannel is a fashionable hug you can wear. It’ll match that forty dollar black concert tee you regret buying. Pair that over-sized radiator-to-go with black jeans and flex on everyone else who went to Crema because the Tatte line was too long.

Embodiment of Mood and Feeling

Want people to know that you actually enjoy Tealuxe? Trying to seem like you just got out of bed (but you lowkey planned this out last night)? Reading a book by Rupi Kaur? Just listened to three straight hours of slow John Mayer songs? Rock. The. Flannel. It’s the first line of a conversation you haven’t even started yet.

It’s cozy. It’s practical. It’s what you saw your friend-from-home-turned-model wearing on the Urban Outfitters Instagram page.

It’s a flannel.

Faust Trick-or-Treats at Mass. Hall

Faust with Costumes
Andrew W. Liang ‘21 and Aditya A. Dhar ‘21 pose for a picture with President Faust, which is actually #goals.

For perhaps the first time since many of us sat through Convocation, University President Drew G. Faust was seen mingling with us plebs Tuesday night. Posted outside of Mass. Hall, Faust passed out candy to a small line of undergraduates as part of the College Events Board’s Trick or Treat event.

Undergraduates were understandably eager to meet her. For many, this was the first time they had ever seen her up close. Sheridan Marsh ’20 said she only went trick-or-treating because she knew Faust would be there. Nicole Jarmula ’21 said she’d “been waiting all week for this.”

Perhaps to the chagrin of the folks who’ve placed all the passive-aggressive “eat healthy” posters in the dining halls (looking at you HUDS), Faust was generous in the amount of candy she dumped into each student’s hands. Whether they were using it to quench their craving for chocolate, or as a quick, sugary study break, students walked away from Mass. Hall satisfied.

“I’m planning to frame mine and put it up on my refrigerator,” Ryan T. Feng ’21 said, clutching a piece of candy.

If you think that’s absurd, then you’re not the only one. But who can blame the guy? We sometimes wonder if Faust is nothing more than a fever dream, an illusion we grasp for when we want someone to shake our first angrily at when something goes wrong on campus.

Tuesday was a truly historic day. It was definitely the first time any of us at Flyby have seen Faust mingling with average students, and with her final days as University President looming in June, it might just be the last.

Harvard Ends Bag Checks at Lamont Library

You, strutting out of Lamont, with the Gutenberg Bible in your backpack.

You read that headline right: Lamont is discontinuing bag checks.

For those of you who maybe don’t carry eight to ten books with you at a time, this may not seem like a big deal, but for humanities concentrators, this is arguably the biggest change to rock campus since Harvard's Faculty of Arts and Sciences voted to end Harvard Time.

It’s finally possible to just drop into Lamcaf for a coffee and not have to empty your entire bag, spilling your coffee on the guy behind you in the process.

According to the library, the bag check system was logistically inconvenient, causing a “bottleneck at the guard’s desk.” You can see the full announcement here:

But it makes you wonder: how likely is it that someone would even steal from the library? Especially one that doesn’t even charge late fees. If you were jonesing that hard for the Oxford Companion to Shakespeare, fifth edition, it’s so much easier to just CHECK OUT THE BOOK and never return it. Obviously, don’t do that. The last thing we need is more thieves among us.

No longer will we have to schedule a buffer period of 10 minutes on our way out of Lamont in anticipation of a winding line at the bag-check counter. No longer will we dread just popping into the library, because it’ll take longer to dump everything out of our backpack than to just print the readings.

No more bag check? All we have to say is:”it’s about time.”

A Comprehensive Review of Group Exercises at Harvard: Part I

Group exercise classes at Harvard hold a certain appeal for those who lack the motivation to work out on their own. A plus: for Harvard undergrads, the classes are free (read: covered by a kidney or two, ahem, the $60k tuition). On the down side, there is a high risk of public humiliation, and, depending on how out of shape you are, a risk of death. Harvard Recreation presents an overwhelming array of options to the exercise dilettante. But don’t sweat it! We’ve reviewed Harvard’s group exercise classes, so you can save the perspiration for your workout.


Pain rating: 2/10

There is a slight risk of drowning in your sweat, but you’ll be having too much fun to notice that you’re actually working out.

Fun Rating: 11/10

The most fun you can have and still have it be considered exercise.

With a name like Zumba, how could this class be anything but a good time? As one exuberant Zumba-goer voiced, “Zumba is publicly acceptable self-embarrassment!” Imagine jamming out in your room but on a more coordinated scale, with some salsa dancing thrown in. A class once deemed acceptable only for middle-aged women, Zumba is now the pretty young thing.

Cardio Kick

Pain rating: 6/10

If like us you are unaccustomed to repeated arm jabs, you may experience sore “muscles” for a few days in your shoulders. And legs. And the rest of your body. You’ll most likely be able to walk.

Fun Rating: 6/10

The music for this class is pretty hype, but to really get into it, you must muster the mindset that you’re a boxer in the ring. Or that your imaginary opponent is an inimical Harvard student—section kid, evil punchmaster, the options are endless...

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a badass boxer but lack the actual skills to be one, this is the class for you. You will strengthen your arms, legs, and core, and feel it for at least 24 hours post-class. From uppercuts to jabs, we promise this class will have you hooked!

High Intensity Interval Cardio (HIIT Cardio)

Pain rating: 11/10

The acronym HIIT is fitting because days later, we still felt like we took a HIIT to every part of our bodies.

Fun Rating: 1/10

If your idea of fun is being told to keep going until you collapse and then to get up when you collapse, then this class is a blast!

This review may come off as very negative, but keep in mind that we are not athletic people, and as such, we were not prepared for the high level of intensity that this class’s name warned us of. The class was 25 minutes in comparison to the usual 55 minute class, so we thought, “How bad could this be?” As it turns out, pretty bad. Beginners/NARPS: stay away. Truly fit people: go for it.

Barre Express

Pain rating: 7/10

Barre is the kind of class that sneaks up on you when you’re not looking. You think you’re there for some cute plies, then all of a sudden your legs are jelly and you can’t sit up.

Fun Rating: 5/10

This is a very chill class. The music is pop-based but quiet, and the instructor is upbeat, so you leave feeling like a good, healthy person...but not exactly pumped up.

With Barre, you can pretend to be an ultra-together suburban mom who works out every morning and is super chipper for the rest of the day because *exercise!* and *endorphins!*. If you’re looking for something more strength-based than Zumba but not as intense as HIIT, look no further...just don’t underestimate the toll that squats can take on your walking abilities.


When the newest PSA or study reminds you that you’re shortening your lifespan by not exercising, and if the thought of trying to figure your life out by yourself at the gym is overwhelming, try a group exercise class. Armed with Flyby’s helpful synopses, you can tailor the pain and fun levels to your mood and crush your workout!

Your Guide to Harvard Halloweekend

You’ve been planning your group costumes, stocking up on your candy of choice, and getting ready to rage. Finally, Halloweekend has arrived, bringing with it some solid party options. Here’s a breakdown of the spookiest college-sponsored events going down in the next few days.

Heaven and Hell
Currier HoCo’s annual fright fest is coming around again on Friday from 10:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. at the Fishbowl. Choose heaven or hell and have a good time—just don’t get stuck at the Quad. Note that in years past, attendees paid a $2 admission fee, but this year drinks will cost $3 each for those over 21 instead. A devilish price hike, if you ask us.

Fright Night
Also on Friday, from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. in Annenberg, the First Year Social Committee is hosting a freshman-only Halloween dance. Yet another good opportunity to network with the bright minds of 2021, but this time in costume!

This fair in Harvard Yard kicks off a four-day event series run by the College Events Board—this one’s co-sponsored with DAPA, hence the name. From 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday, attendees can eat snacks, play games, and carve pumpkins in Harvard Yard. Other CEB-sponsored events include a farm outing on Sunday, film screenings at the Queen’s Head on Monday, and trick-or-treating on Tuesday.

It’s not technically Halloween-themed, but from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday, the Quad Houses are hosting a fall festival on the Quad Lawn. Get into the autumnal spirit and eat some free food while you’re at it.

So put on your cat ears, forget your psets, and get to it—there’s Halloween fun out there just waiting to be had.

Flyby's Halloween Drinking Game

A shot of Rubinoff is already spine-chilling and hair-raising. But, with Halloween party pregames beginning tonight, we all have the opportunity to get trashed in a thematically appropriate fashion. Get together your friends and try out this Flyby-approved drinking game for Halloweekend at Harvard!

Take a shot if you see a Joker grinding on a Harley Quinn.

Take a shot when the DJ starts up Thriller by MJ. If you’re ballsy, take one every time the king of pop screams out “thriller.” Trust us, by the end of your blacked-out night you’ll definitely “wonder if you’ll ever see the sun.”

Down a glass every time you see a group of girls wearing angel outfits. They will usually be seen in the center of the room, refusing to dance with anyone else but themselves, and radiating more second-hand embarrassment than divine light.

Conversely, take a shot every time you see a group of lads wearing their sports gear. Take another one if they aren’t even on the team they represent but still don the jerseys, in a show of how little they care about silly “dress-up.”

Give your drink to someone if you see they’re not wearing a costume. Better yet, just pour it on the offender: they’re killing the mood.

Finally, take a double-shot at the end of your night with all your mates, and just revel in the truly terrifying ambience curated by sweaty Chewbaccas, tomato juice mixers, and shitty strobe lights.

Fun Activities for the Fall

Fall has fallen right when you thought you were starting to enjoy summer. There’s no need to worry, though! Flyby has compiled a few different ways in which you can have fun, even in these cooler climes.

Plan a Halloween Costume
It’s never too early, but it's quickly becoming too late. If you still haven't figured out Halloween, check out these posts for some inspiration.

Have an Existential Crisis

You know your parents are both having one, so why not have one yourself? Get a head start.

Go Apple Picking!
There are plenty of options around Boston, and it’s definitely more fun than pretending to study for those midterms you’re gonna wing anyway. If you’re too lazy to hop on public transportation, a lesser substitute is just grabbing an apple from your dining hall and eating it. If you know you won’t eat the apple because your room is stocked with other, more desirable food options (like sour patches), then just drink a cup of apple juice in the next month. That probably counts.

Roll Around in Some Leaves
We know what you’re thinking, and the real question you should be asking is “why not?”

Raid Somebody’s Vegetable Garden
It’s harvesting season, and it’s definitely starting to get colder. If you’re walking around Cambridge, and someone still hasn’t picked those tomatoes and pulled out those carrots, then they’re clearly an awful gardener and you should do it for them. “But what about the poor old ladies who uses those vegetables to eat every day?” you might ask. Seriously, stop pretending you don’t know that they’re hiding three packs of Chips Ahoy and a bottle of gin in the drawer that’s supposed to have their mother’s ashes. Those old ladies are more savage than you know. Cut off those eggplants with no guilt.

Start Playing Christmas Music
Be that person who starts blasting Mariah Carey in the common room before Halloween. Sure, everyone else will beg for the sweet release of death, but who cares? At least they’re not listening to Rakesh rap Hamilton.

Suits: Your Next Post-Midterm Binge

Depending on your concentration, midterms are either almost over or nearing completion, but the tears are most definitely not. What better way to wallow in self-pity than to binge-watch a new TV show?

Here’s a suggestion: Suits

Suits on TV
Most of the seasons of "Suits" are available through Amazon Prime Video for free.
Set in New York City, the series explores the journey of a normal guy, Mike Ross, as he finesses his way into a respectable law firm (which only hires graduates of Harvard Law) and becomes an associate for arguably the best lawyer in the city. And by finesse, we mean he pretends to be a Harvard grad when he’s actually a college dropout. As Harvard students plagued with imposter-syndrome, we’re all too familiar with the mantra "fake it till you make it."

If you think that everything in life will be smooth sailing because you’re going to end up with a Harvard degree, well…think again. Even if you get your hands on a pretty decent job, Suits shows how your “bright” Harvard self can be overrated in the real world. The producers consistently parody the life of a typical Harvard grad, especially the job application process. Picture a dozen or so folks wearing the same exact suit and tie, all lined up to kiss the interviewer’s tush, anxiously reciting their resumes which list about a trillion different activities. Sound familiar?

After reading all of this, we're pretty confident in saying that if this show suits you, or at least some of you, watch. We could all use a reality check about life outside the bubble.

Putting the "We" in Halloween: The Best and Worst of Squad Costumes

Halloween: a time when friend groups all across campus can prove just how tightknit and #goals they are through coordinated group costumes. Costumes with your pals can make preparations for Halloween a fun bonding occasion, especially if you’re having trouble deciding on a costume for yourself. But if you mess it up, your group won’t live it down until Thanksgiving break. Whether you want to look edgy, sexy, or spooky (what?), here’s a list of the best and worst group costumes out there.

Best: TV Show Cast

It’s a classic that may be overused, but there are thousands of TV series out there so your group can always find something original. Make your favorite cartoon series come to life in the form of sleep-deprived Harvard students, or imitate a well-loved sitcom. Imagine, for one night, your friends can be...Friends.

Worst: Rick and Morty

This might be the exception to the rule above. Regardless of your opinion of the show, we can all agree that this fad has run its course. You might think that dressing as the Ricks and Mortys from Dimension B-47 and D-69 will help your group bring the edge, but in reality your Ricks and Mortys will be indistinguishable from all the rest.

Best: Harvard Faculty

Impersonate your favorite professors, and form your own coalition of Harvard’s most notorious faculty. Always obsessing over the Dan/Rich bromance from LS1a? You and your BFF can act out the dream. If you can’t date that one hot TF, be them for a night. Bonus points go to those who score pictures with the teachers they dress up as.

Worst: A Stripping Troupe

We get it. You want to show off your gains. But please, at least do it with a more subtle costume, especially since it’s freshman family weekend. Honestly, any group costume can turn into a stripping troupe if you try hard enough.

Best: Inanimate Objects

Costumes don’t necessarily have to resemble people in order to be great. Halloween is a night to think outside of the box. Depending on the size of your squad, you and your buddies can add a new twist on everyday objects. Have a group of four? Consider embodying the suits of a card deck. Squad of ten? Go party hopping as hopscotch tiles, and make it a challenge to never break formation for the whole night. The possibilities are endless.

Worst: Pumpkin Patch

You know what everyone is tired of seeing? Pumpkins. You know what you just made us all see? Pumpkins. Everywhere.

Best: Clones

If you’re still stuck on who to dress up as, look no further than within your own group. Choose one friend to be themselves, and have everyone else in your circle dress up as them. No squad size restrictions for this onein fact, this is one case in which the more truly is the merrier.

Worst: Minions

Again, not edgy or entertaining if everyone else is doing it.

We hope we could give your squad some good ideas—and crush some bad ones. And hey, even if your costumes do flop, you have the consolation

How To Be Basic This Fall

Screw the weather, we're just going to go ahead and declare it "fall" and get on with our lives. In with the sweater weather, out with the classic legs-at-the-beach pics and Snapchats of glasses of iced tea.

But don't be fooled: this season promotes basicness just as much as the summer. And you know what they say, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Here are some basic fall things you can do to contribute to a newsfeed likely already clogged with photos of apple picking outings and piles of yellowing leaves.

Get a Pumpkin Spice Latte

Let’s get the most obvious one out of the way. Sadly, the Starbucks promotion for pumpkin spice whipped cream has passed, but it would be wrong not to grab a quintessential PSL.

Eat some apple pie

This is the only non-pumpkin thing you will consume over these next few months, so treasure it.

Photoshoot at a pumpkin patch

To keep your pumpkin streak hot, go to a pumpkin patch and obnoxiously rearrange them for your photoshoot. When the owners ask if you’re actually going to buy and take one home, tell them off for pressuring you, and then post your Insta. Bonus: If you’re feeling really festive, actually carve a pumpkin.

Pumpkin Everything

Shampoo, pie, conditioner, soap, oreos, candles, cologne, pudding, deodorant, cookies: if your room isn’t filled with pumpkin flavors and products from bottom to top, you have failed.

Take over-filtered pictures of the foliage

“Hey don’t those leaves look really pretty?”

“Yeah why don’t you completely ruin their natural shade by applying several layers of filters on them?”

“You read my mind.”

Start breaking out the winter clothing

Even though the weather doesn’t nearly necessitate such heavy clothing, but if you got it, flaunt it. Patagonia, Canada Goose, Feathered Friends, Arc’teryx: let the world know what you got.

Get drunk on pumpkin spice-flavored alcohol

You didn’t think we were done with pumpkins, did you? If you’re going to pass out, you might as well do it festively.

Fall may seem like a long checklist of things to do and pictures to take, but when the real cold of winter hits, you’ll miss the simple days of foliage.

Head of the Charles Roundup

Thanks to the yet again unseasonably warm weather this past weekend, we couldn’t help but pay a visit to the Head of the Charles Regatta. We followed the flocks of visitors into the preppy pandemonium that accompanies the world’s largest regatta. Here are our reflections on this year’s HOCR.

Disappointing samples

The free food samples seem to get weirder every year. We were faced with strange chips and carbonated drinks that we weren’t sure we liked. The free 5-Hour Energy may have been tempting for those of us who still have midterms left, but the mediocre free snacks made us wish we could afford the overpriced greasy fare sold around the race course.

Attractive people

The food options may have been sub-par, but the eye candy exceeded our expectations. After two months of being surrounded by the same pasty, sleep-deprived Harvard kids, the fit, sunkissed rowers were a breath of fresh air. (Never mind the fact that they’re too busy winning Olympic medals to give us a glance.)

What is going on?

Surprisingly, what shocks us most at the Head of the Charles every year is not Harvard's uber-restrictive security protocols or the high prices at the Brooks Brothers tent, but rather the fact that people actually flock en masse to Cambridge for the event. While the crowd was cheering, commenting appreciatively on different boats, and screaming during the most "dramatic" moments of racing, we were stuck trying to make out whether any of our friends were passing.

A chance to show off

All in all, the regatta gave us a chance to do what Harvard students do best: show off. With sunny Insta posts and Snapchat filters, we got to show our friends that we occasionally leave the Cabot Library basement and have fun. After all, other than Harvard-Yale weekend and formal season, we don’t get many opportunities to update our social media.

We still have some lingering questions, though: Why do rowing fans enjoy vests so much? What even is rowing? And was that group of tall white guys the punchmasters for the Fly, or members of a men’s heavyweight eight? The world—or at least Flyby—may never know.

Flyby's Guide to Finding Halloween Costumes

Despite what the unusually warm weather might suggest, it’s almost the end of October. This means it’s Halloween season, AKA the only time of the year Harvard students wear something more titillating than sweatshirts and sweatpants, feel less guilty about stuffing their faces with candy, and actually venture into Currier House. Putting together the latest pop-culture reference costumes is not only the most fun part of the Halloween festivities, but also the most difficult. Don’t fret—we’re here to help you pull together a look that will impress your insta followers and will finally make your d-hall crush notice you.

The Internet

The easiest (but not the cheapest) way to get an accurate Halloween costume is to buy it from an online costume store. and are reliable sources of a variety of ensembles, whether you want to be Jon Snow or Wonder Woman. If you’re looking for something more *adult* and want to be a bunny or nurse, offers a plethora of costumes that won’t keep you warm, but will surely make you hot.

The Mall

If you want to add some edge to your costume, your middle school go-tos can be invaluable sources of pieces and accessories to spice up your look. Hot Topic in Natick Mall and the local alternative, Newbury Comics, in the Garage and CambridgeSide Galleria, are a few places to check out, especially if you’re looking to be actually scary, instead of cute, funny, or ~sexy~.

Thrift Stores

Your budget should not stop you from dazzling your blocking group with Halloween fit, so hit up some thrift stores. A student favorite, Garment District near Kendall Square is an affordable treasure trove of period pieces, offering clothes sorted by era and type (like racks of tie-dye, jerseys, or leather jackets). The store also sells face paint, wigs, and costume accessories for those who want to get really creative (and don’t mind dropping more cash).


So, you’ve procrastinated on getting a costume, and are now scrambling to pay $100 for a last minute outfit? You don’t have to pay exorbitant late shipping fees or *gasp* wear last year’s costume (does anyone even remember who Harley Quinn is?). Just pick a character whose attire consists of regular clothes and dig through your friends’ closets. Some suggestions: Eleven from Stranger Things, Dancing Girl emoji, Rick and Morty, the “she doesn’t even go here” blue hoodie look, or a Sim.

Choose your outfit wisely and don’t wear something you’ll regret ruining. After all, whatever your costume is, it will probably be soaked with Rubinoff and fake blood by the end of the night.

Why You Should Check Out Head of the Charles

This weekend, Cambridge and Boston will once again host the Head of the Charles, a two-day-long celebration of rowing and white people in Patagonias. Thousands of individuals will descend on the banks of the Charles to either spectate or compete in the largest crew competition in the world. If you’re like us and love fried dough, walking around in the dust, and tall people with toned quads, make sure you don’t miss it.

Right now you’re probably asking yourself, “What should I do at an event for a sport that I didn’t even know existed before coming to Harvard?” Don’t worry, Flyby’s got you covered.

Food and goodies

Around the halfway mark of the event, businesses such as Boston Burger Company and Frito-Lay will set up stands to sell (as well as give out) food between JFK St and Weeks Bridge. Overpriced mac and cheese in bread bowls anyone? Other sponsors of the regatta will also be giving out free stuff (hopefully there’s a free fidget spinner or two in the mix). If cookies and cakes are more your thing, The Radcliffe Crew team will be having a bake sale at Weld Boathouse.

Retail therapy

For the bougiest of you, Brooks Brothers will have tents near both the Weld Boathouse and the finish line (past Eliot Bridge on the Boston side), with polo shirts, sweatshirts, bags, and other goodies for sale. Unless you volunteer at the event, you’ll have to shell out close to $400 to get one of the official 2017 Head of the Charles jackets. But don’t worry, there will also be more affordable merchandise sold throughout the race course.

Support your boys and girls in the boats

Those tall specimens in spandex who take all the food in the d-hall are people too, and they would probably appreciate your cheering when they compete this weekend. The men’s and women’s teams combined have entered nearly 20 boats this year, so you can catch them at various times of the day as you eat a burger and flex your new Brooks Brothers gear (and your empty bank account) on the sideline.

All of this crew extravaganza can only be improved by some casual day drinking (although if anyone asks why you’re wandering around the river drunk at 1:48pm, it wasn’t us). Enjoy your weekend, and don’t forget to check back in for our roundup of the event.

Flyby Investigates: 8:41 a.m. Bells

It’s the wee hours of the morn, and you’re in deep sleep mode. You’re sprawled under the sheets, probably alone, dreaming about six-figure salaries or that one hot TF. Suddenly, all fantasies are shattered as the clanging of bells shakes you awake.

Why do the god-awful bells of Memorial Church ring incessantly every morning at 8:41 a.m.? Before we reveal the truth, here are some alternative conspiracy theories…

Universal Alarm: To avoid rampant absences and lateness, Harvard University decided long ago to ring the bells before 9 a.m. as an underhanded way to wake up groggy freshman and encourage classroom attendance.

John Harvard's Request: Although he didn’t have any children, there had to be a way for him to pass on some type of legacy. So, before dying and donating his property to Harvard, John himself requested the bells ring at this time as a show of tribute.

Remembering Roots: 8:41 a.m. commemorates the time at which Harvard was formally founded by Great and General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1636.

Crazy Tourists: Rubbing John Harvard’s foot isn’t the only way to get some of that ‘Harvard luck’. A new tourist tradition includes visiting Memorial Church right at 8:41 a.m. and ringing the bells as a sign of good (and much cleaner) luck.

Disappointingly, none of the above was the case. But, after some hardcore investigating, Flyby has gotten to the bottom of the question, “What’s Up With the Damn Bells?!”

The Real Explanation: Memorial Church tolls its bells every morning as a call to service for its churchgoers. So the next time you wake up, irritated by the damn bells, silently curse the virtuous church-mice, roll over, and return to your sinful dreams about capitalism (or that hot TF).

How to Thrift Your Way Through Harvard

We’ve hit that part of the semester where clubs have finished hosting info sessions, and all the freebies that were up for grabs are dissipating. The bustle of the beginning of the school year has settled down, but that doesn’t mean the free stuff is gone. Here are some tips and tricks that’ll help you thrift your way to free essentials.

Always Have Tupperware

Ah tupperware, the best household item since sliced bread. Try something at the dining halls that just hits the spot? Don’t wait for it to rotate back. Instead take out a plastic container and stuff it to the brim with those curly fries.

Bonus tip: Use the to-go cups as a substitute if you don’t have your own tupperware.

Crimzone Rewards

Even Harvard’s less sports-conscious student body can take advantage of Crimzone’s weekly bribes, which often include pizza and t-shirts. Show up, get your points (which can add up to earn flat screens and more), then leave.

Optional: Watching the game.

Lamont Cafe After-Hours

Most baristas will pass out the remaining pastries at the end of the day. Sit it out till closing, and keep your eye on the prize. Sweet chocolate croissants (not a finished p-set).

Follow a Friend

Most organizations will have snacks during their meetings so that’s definitely an option. If the ones you’re a part of don’t satiate your appetite, feel free to follow a friend to their meetings. Once you’re there, politely introduce yourself and say you’re interested in joining next term/year before dipping with food in hand. Your friend can take it from there (if they don’t, it’s time to rethink that friendship).


If you pick up a free futon from Craigslist, please send a small gratuity to Flyby. If you get jumped instead, this point was never part of the article. Always bring back-ups to Craigslist pick-ups and have HUPD/Cambridge Police on speed dial.

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