ALUMNI TRACKER: Lin trains, Fitzpatrick wavers, Birk writes, Leblanc & Killorn wait

Published by Juliet Spies-Gans on October 05, 2012 at 10:12PM

Twenty-six weeks have passed. One hundred and eighty three days have gone by. Four-thousand three-hundred and ninety-two hours have ticked off the clock, and the moment has finally arrived for Jeremy Lin ’10 to step onto the hardwood once more.

Six months after undergoing knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus, Lin has now officially begun practice without limitations. The jersey on his back has changed, though, as he started training camp last Tuesday with the Houston Rockets.

Though the NBA season doesn’t officially start for a little over three weeks, training camp marks the beginning of official team workouts that teach sets, stress conditioning, and build camaraderie. Lin seems to have had no problem with the last of these three, tweeting about his teammates throughout the week. On Monday, the Harvard alum wrote: “Finished up media day...headed to training camp! Excited for the new season to finally start…” It certainly seems from this picture that Lin is enjoying his first media-day since Linsanity began.

Meanwhile, the point guard’s former team, the New York Knicks, had to fend off a tirade of Lin-related questions from the media, mostly relating to the team’s unwillingness to match Houston’s offer of a four-year contract.

“Basically, it comes down to the fact that Houston made a commitment to him that we weren't prepared to make,” said New York General Manager Grunwald. “But I'm very happy for Jeremy that things worked out for him personally and for his family and I wish him the best.”

On the gridiron, Ryan Fitzpatrick ’05 and his Buffalo Bills lost to the New England Patriots, 52-28. The loss showcased both the best and worst in Fitzpatrick, who threw for four touchdowns as well as four interceptions. He totaled 350 yards, however, 10 more than Patriot and three-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady collected. The loss dropped the Bills to 2-2, a record that they hope to improve this Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers.

Matt Birk ’98 made headlines this week for his work off the field. Birk wrote an op-ed in the Star Tribune pronouncing his stance against gay-marriage.

“Same-sex unions may not affect my marriage specifically, but it will affect my children -- the next generation,” Birk wrote. “Ideas have consequences, and laws shape culture. Marriage redefinition will affect the broader well-being of children and the welfare of society. As a Christian and a citizen, I am compelled to care about both. I am speaking out on this issue because it is far too important to remain silent.”

His piece has drawn criticism from across the nation.

Meanwhile, those formerly Crimson-clad players now in the professional hockey world are still awaiting the end of a stalemate between the NHL and the NHLPA. The lockout began almost three weeks ago, and it is looking increasingly likely that the start-date of the season will have to be pushed back. Many of the issues revolve around what can be classified as “Hockey Related Revenue,” and thus represent fiscal differences between the two sides.

With the likes of Louis LeBlanc, formerly ’13, and Alex Killorn ’12 waiting, Birk writing, Fitzpatrick wavering, and Lin waving to the cameras, the Harvard alums have shown that in even a relatively slow sports-week, Crimson players will always find a way to be in the headlines.