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Bill Gates’ Former Abode

In this series, we chat with the freshmen who were lucky enough to land dorm rooms that once housed Harvard’s most famous almuni.

Today, we’re looking at the Wigglesworth dorm room that was once occupied by Bill Gates and currently is the home to Luke E. Sundquist '14, Matthew D. Moellman '14, Andrew Wang '14, and Anthony A. Palillo '14. The suite is a mess; boxes and clothing crowd the floor and the sound of Halo from the television fills the room.

Liza A. Ryabkina

In this series, we probe the minds of people around campus by asking them the same set of questions about Harvard and Cambridge life. Want to suggest an interviewee? Leave a comment or e-mail us at

LIZA A. RYABKINA, Women's Hockey Tri-Captain

Tomato-Mustard Grilled Cheese & Cookie Froyo Sandwich

In this series, we bring you creative and delicious recipes that can be made in 10 minutes and less, all within the constraints of Harvard’s dining halls. Have a recipe you'd like to share? E-mail us at

Today we bring you a healthy-ish entrée and less healthy dessert, but both are equally delicious! For a guiltless lunch, we’re presenting a tomato-mustard grilled cheese that you can make on your own, avoiding the grease of the grill. For dessert, we bring you a delectable cookie froyo sandwich. The grilled cheese is perfect for lunch and can be made using the panini press and just a few ingredients. The froyo sandwich is great for lunch or dinner, and has the perfect touch of sweet to finish off a meal.

On Harvard Time

The newest installment of On Harvard Time highlights the humorous and memorable incidents of the fall semester so far. This edition tackles Peretz, Parents Weekend, and the new “anti-final-club club.”

During a segment on the Marty Peretz scandal and the subsequent social studies walkout, the OHT hosts humorously excused Peretz’s remarks, blaming them on the professor’s “Peretz Syndrome.”

Harvard In Congress

Be nice to that overeager Gov 20 section guy, for like many on Congress’ current roster, he may someday take the well-traveled road from Harvard to the Hill.

Harvard has graduated more members of the 111th Congress than any other university, according to a recent article in U.S. News & World Report. Fifteen members of the current congressional roster boast a Harvard undergraduate degree, including Barney Frank ’62 (D-MA) and Al Franken ’73 (D-MN). Many others hold degrees from HBS or HLS.

Harvard Smiles

Stressed out? Harvard Smiles is here to help.

This new website is a one-stop shop for mental health resources at Harvard, founded by Harvard’s student mental health liaisons. It hopes to raise awareness on these issues and to foster a supportive community, according to the website.

Pick Up Harvard-Yale Tickets

After a victory in New Haven last year, Harvard’s historical match-up against Yale will return to Harvard Stadium on Nov. 20. Tickets are free for Harvard students, so make sure to get yours before they run out!

Adams Goes In Drag

Adams House residents, tutors, and administrators transformed the Adams dining hall into a lively drag show last Thursday night in their annual celebration of Adams Drag Night.

We asked some of the participants about the event’s history and their personal motivations for dressing in drag and compiled the best responses into this short video.

Dunster Has a Radio Station

Move over WHRB, Dunster House now has its own radio station.

Not officially, of course. But through a new website called Songza, Dunster residents can collaborate to create playlists that will constantly stream to anyone who has the link to the station. The music is an aggregate of all the musical tastes of the House, which include everything from Bob Dylan to Usher. Here's a selection:

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