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Quincy Installs New Dining Restrictions Against Freshmen

UPDATED: Oct. 12, 2010. According to a new sign in the Quincy dhall, the freshmen ban is now effective only Monday through Friday.

Starting today, freshmen are no longer allowed to dine in Quincy for lunch and dinner on any weekday, even as guests of upperclassmen or House residents.

A sign post in the stairway to the Quincy dining hall reads "Quincy Dining Restrictions as of Monday, October 11, 2010 No Freshman [sic] Lunch and Dinner."

The new restrictions were put in place at the request of the Quincy House Masters due to overcrowding during meals in the past weeks.

With the exception of Quincy-only community dinner on Thursday evenings, Quincy has no restrictions for upperclassmen.

Photo by Xi Yu/The Harvard Crimson.

Another Tool to Make Your Life Easier

There is lots going on on campus. Parties, speakers, guitar groups, religious gatherings,'s a kid to keep track?! Flyby and CS50 are here to help. The astute reader might have noticed a change on the homepage: the greyed-out Q under our Quick Links has been replaced with a far more exciting icona calendar. We've added a link to a calendar (created by CS50 professor David J. Malan '99) that flows in scheduled events from dozens of campus organizations. Now, instead of flipping through many websites to find out what is going on when, come to Flyby and click on the link. We'll help you figure out where you want to go.

Free Stuff at Oktoberfest

It's Oktoberfest, which means it's time for outdoor music, arts-and-crafts browsing, general carousing, and of course, free (and almost free) stuff.

The 32nd Annual Oktoberfest and HONK! Festival Parade takes place in the Square today, from 12 to 5 p.m. If you're willing to navigate the sea of people who turn out for the event every year, you're bound to score some free food and drink.  But here are some other highlights to look for:

Shaq to Be Harvard Benchwarmer

It appears as though our favorite “camouflage geek” still can’t get enough of Harvard. Soon enough Shaquille O’Neal plans to spend a silent afternoon with fans in Harvard Square imitating a statue on a bench.

With his job as a professional basketball player restricting his ability to attend class (remember he professed to the Boston Herald last week that he could hold his own at Harvard or MIT), Shaq’s back with what appears to be a surefire plan B.

Zuckerberg Not the Youngest Billionaire

Mark Zuckerberg may be the hottest name on Forbes’ list of America’s Youngest Billionaires but he is surprisingly, not the youngest.

According to an article on, that title goes to his former roommate and Facebook cofounder, Dustin Moskovitz, who is younger than Zuckerburg by 8 days. In 2008, Moskovitz left his post as Facebook’s first chief technology officer to start Asana, a software company that facilitates improved collaboration between individuals and small firms. While Forbes sees potential in Asana, Moskovitz’s $1.4 billion fortune appears to stem entirely from his 6 percent stake in Facebook.

The Pies Have It

It’s midterm season, and sometimes brain break just doesn’t cut it when you’re tormented by looming exams. We’re here to satisfy your inner foodie with some culinary stress-relief therapy: delicious pie recommendations! And for those of you spending too much quality time with that Math 25 problem set, we’re talking about the edible variety.

Scrumptious goodies are luckily just a short walk away from Harvard Yard and the Quad, and pie is the perfect fall treat to take your mind off a growing workload.

Police on SWAT Team, "New Racism," and Duke Sex Scandal

The quick and dirty about what's been going on around theAncient Eight (and some other schools too).

After the police raid of a Yale undergraduate party last week at a New Haven nightclub, students attended a press conference this past Tuesday to respond to the police raid. Even though the police department has defended its actions, New Haven’s mayor,  John DeStefano Jr. said in an interview with the New York Times that the presence of officers in riot gear and SWAT team was “excessive and inappropriate” and “should not have been part” of the inspection.”

To Punch or Not to Punch?

While we're on the topic of Final Clubs, here's a little tidbit of news. Tonight, Harvard undergraduates found fliers with the following text under their doors, reminiscent of Final Club punch invitations:

“You’re Invited to Join Us in…

NOT joining a Final Club

NOT attending Final Club parties

Taking a stand and demanding changes in Harvard’s social space”

The fliers advertise a meeting scheduled for next Friday, Oct. 15, in the Dunster JCR. The only other identifying information included is this e-mail address, Intrigued? Watch us for updates.

The Women's Final Clubs

To continue our series from Monday, here are the profiles of the women’s final clubs.

To date, Harvard has five female final clubs, the youngest of which was founded just two years ago. Although significantly newer than their male counterparts—not to mention with smaller endowments—these organizations nevertheless provide one kind of social outlet for women on campus. Given that most club representatives chose to remain tight-lipped when we contacted them for this feature, we instead combed through The Crimson’s archives for some basic facts.

Flyby Likes It On The Go

“I like it on my desk,” Okeoma C. Nwakanma '13 wrote as her Facebook status.

“I like it unzipped for easy access,” wrote Michelle Ran ’13 as hers.

“I like it hanging on the back of my chair :) ,” wrote Abby P. Sun ’13.

Crimson Faceoff: Volume 2, Wrestling the Champ

In his final season at Harvard, former Crimson wrestler JP O’Connor ’10 faced 35 opponents. O’Connor blew past them all en route to a national championship.

But O’Connor—who is currently training for the 2012 Olympics—had one more challenger to overcome before he could begin thinking about packing his bags for London: a nerdy sportswriter with about as much combat experience as a Quaker.

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