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The Women's Final Clubs

To continue our series from Monday, here are the profiles of the women’s final clubs.

To date, Harvard has five female final clubs, the youngest of which was founded just two years ago. Although significantly newer than their male counterparts—not to mention with smaller endowments—these organizations nevertheless provide one kind of social outlet for women on campus. Given that most club representatives chose to remain tight-lipped when we contacted them for this feature, we instead combed through The Crimson’s archives for some basic facts.

Flyby Likes It On The Go

“I like it on my desk,” Okeoma C. Nwakanma '13 wrote as her Facebook status.

“I like it unzipped for easy access,” wrote Michelle Ran ’13 as hers.

“I like it hanging on the back of my chair :) ,” wrote Abby P. Sun ’13.

Crimson Faceoff: Volume 2, Wrestling the Champ

In his final season at Harvard, former Crimson wrestler JP O’Connor ’10 faced 35 opponents. O’Connor blew past them all en route to a national championship.

But O’Connor—who is currently training for the 2012 Olympics—had one more challenger to overcome before he could begin thinking about packing his bags for London: a nerdy sportswriter with about as much combat experience as a Quaker.

Mankiw Defends Against Harvard Stereotypes

If you’re a Harvard student who has seen “The Social Network” since its buzz-worthy release last Friday, chances are you have a bone to pick with the portrayal of Facebook founder Mark E. Zuckerberg, the Winklevoss ’04 twins, and other Harvardians in the film. How could you not? It’s personal.

Weld Does Pledge of Allegiance

Some students of Harvard show their appreciation for America by observing (sleeping late on) Columbus Day, others by religiously following Monday Night Football. Residents of Weld Hall, however, express their passion for this country at 9:15 a.m. every Monday with the Pledge of Allegiance.

The practice began last week in Weld 52 with Zachary A. Young ’14 and Thomas J. Gaudett ’14, and expanded to a group of six yesterday. Though Young has only advertised the gathering through the Weld e-mail list, he plans to eventually “start expanding it to other dorms.”

The Men's Final Clubs

UPDATED: Oct. 6, 2010, 2:09 a.m. Porcellian photo added.

In light of the recent release of “The Social Network” and the fact that we’re now in the middle of second round punch events, Harvard’s final club scene is bound to be on the minds of many sophomores and juniors. In order to shed some light on what can otherwise be a mysterious process, we decided to put together this series related to all things “punch.” Check back each day this week for new material on the subject.

Quincy Residents Receive a Load of Crap

An incident in Quincy House this weekend gave a whole new meaning to the phrase “door droppings.”

Quincy resident Charles W. Li '12 checked the dropbox outside his room Sunday evening and said he saw what he thought was a black T-shirt. Taking a closer look at the mysterious delivery, he said was hit by “an overwhelming stench” and the realization that the item in his dropbox was not a T-shirt—it was a soiled pair of men’s underwear.

As of This Morning, Free Swedish Fish Are Back

If you didn't get a chance to snag any of the free Swedish Fish from the vending machine in the basement of the Science Center last week, don't worry!

The machine boasted a fully-replenished supply around 9:00 this morning, so make a dash downstairs before your next class in hopes that there are still some left!

Final Add/Drop Deadline is Tomorrow

The fifth Monday of the term is tomorrow, which means it's your last chance to add or drop a course. You'll need the instructor's permission to add (but not to drop) a course, and you'll have to pay a $10 fee—still, if you're currently in a class that's driving you crazy, consider it a small investment for your sanity. You can also just change the course's grading status to pass/fail, which won't incur any fees.

Any and all forms will require your concentration adviser or sophomore/freshman advisor's signature. Get them in by 5 p.m. to the Registrar's Office!

Police Brutality, Vegetarianism, and the ROTC

The quick and dirty about what's been going on around the Ancient Eight (and some other schools too).

Early Saturday morning, about a dozen New Haven police officers stormed into a downtown New Haven nightclub where Yale’s Morse-Ezra Stiles College “screw” was held. Five students were arrested, and one sophomore was apparently Tasered.

Sandwiches Abound

Hankering for a taste of home? Even if home is halfway around the world, you might be able to bite into your favorite regional specialty right here in Cambridge at the All Star Sandwich Bar this month.

All Star, an Inman Square restaurant boasting all sorts of sandwiches, is serving its own renditions of street foods from around the world through the end of October.

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