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Free Food NOW at the Gazebo in the Yard!

The list of temporary structures in the Yard – which already boasts the Native American wetu outside of Matthews and the various sculptures that appeared for Arts First weekend – grew once again this week with the addition of a wooden gazebo outside of Grays Hall.  This time, however, the new arrival comes bearing food.

Wetu in the Yard Suffers Damage

"The Wetu, a traditional Wampanoag home erected in Harvard Yard as a commemoration of the 360th anniversary of the Harvard Charter, has been vandalized and misused," Dean of the College Evelynn M. Hammonds informed undergraduates in an e-mail sent yesterday. While most undergraduates agree that the Wetu damage disrespects those involved in its construction and, more generally, Native American students at Harvard, many are left wondering what exactly happened.

Fire Alarms Cause Evacuation in the Holyoke Center

Apparently, even potential serious danger can't force Cantarigians to deviate from their busy schedules. Earlier this afternoon, a fire alarm went off in the Holyoke center, drawing at least three firetrucks to the scene but did not motivate any sort of rush to evacuate.

One FlyBy correspondent, who was inside the Holyoke Center Au Bon Pain during the alarm, noted that the employees were pushing everyone to leave the building but the patrons could not be bothered to do so. One woman reportedly even continued to demand the coffee she had ordered.

FlyBy will post later with any updates we receive.

Lloyd Blankfein: Harvard Donor, History Buff?

After the recent report that Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd C. Blankfein '75 was copied on an e-mail suggesting Goldman knew that Harvard would lose in a $500 million credit default swap, his loyalty to Harvard may have come into question. But it is worth noting that Blankfein has donated millions to Harvard, creating a scholarship fund for lower-income students and endowing a professorship in the Department of History.

New Masters, Same Domus

There’s probably nothing better than festivities on a beautiful day. With delicious food, live music, and free t-shirts, Eliot House students emerged yesterday from working and studying to celebrate the legacy of their House Masters.

It's MayFair!

The 27th annual MayFair is today! It's going on right now and will end at around 6 p.m. Over 40 booths are set up in Harvard Square, along with six stages scattered around the area. From 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., RE/MAX is hosting hot air balloon rides in Cambridge Common, and three hair salons are offering $20 haircuts for those yearning to be presentable during the oh-so-stressful reading period.

For more information on what's sure to be a great break from Lamont, check out the Harvard Square Business Association's website.

HUDS Slipping? Maybe.

Ever since students returned to campus for the spring semester, some have been grumbling about HUDS food not being as delicious or exciting as it was last semester.

“I had so much money saved from this summer, but now, after coming back from J-Term, I’ve eaten out almost every lunch or dinner,” said Kelly M. Salazar ’12 as she waited in line at Boloco.

BoardPlus Burn: Chauhaus

Still have $130 left to use on your BoardPlus before it expires on May 22? No worries, we’ve got your back on just how to spend that rediscovered cash. Earlier this week, we recommended Rock Café and the Cronkhite Dining Room.  We conclude this feature with Chauhaus.

BoardPlus Redemption Center: Chauhaus, Harvard Graduate School of Design

Kirkland Chooses its "Top Chef"

The Food Literacy Project has cooked up various ideas to help students make the most of humdrum HUDS food.  At Kirkland, the servery now features a list of recipes (which include only ingredients available in the dining hall) designed by participants of the Kirkland House Top Chef competition—which is part of a larger FLP initiative—last Thursday.

BoardPlus Burn: Cronkhite Dining Room

Never been to Lamont? (There’s a café there?) Not really sure where the Greenhouse is located? Still have $130 left on your BoardPlus before it expires on May 22? No worries, we’ve got your back (even though you just might live in a hole) on just how to spend your newfound wad of cash in this burning BoardPlus series.

BoardPlus Redemption Center: Cronkhite Dining Room, Cronkhite Graduate Center, Radcliffe Institute

Prefrosh's Acceptance Rescinded Over Facebook Status?

According to sources in the blogosphere, a high school senior was accepted by Harvard to join the Class of 2014 but then had his offer rescinded when he supposedly invited Harvard to "kiss [his] ass" in a Facebook status update. We at FlyBy set out to debunk the myth.

According to a screenshot posted online, a high school student named Jacob wrote, "I just got my admittance letters into Yale, Duke, Northwestern, Penn, and Columbia. Now Harvard is begging my ass to go to their school. FULLY PAID SCHOLARSHIP. LOL." He added, "Hmmmm.... Ahahahaha naw kiss my ass. Fuck Harvard! I don't need no harvard or no scholarship HAHA! No really though, I'm going to harvard guys. Wooooooo! =D"

Welcome to Reading Period! A Guide to Lamont Courtesy

Oh, Reading Period. Brain waves ebb and flow, intellectual juices churn, and students abandon happiness and societal notions of hygiene to write essays and study for exams. Where better to have this scholarly experience than Lamont Library, where during Reading Period, students tend to camp out for days at a time.

The next couple of weeks will not be Lamont’s finest. The study areas will be crowded and hot, the students will be exhausted, and the atmosphere will be one of constant high-stress and intensity. However, if we all do our part, we can make Lamont as welcoming as possible.

Here’s a quick and dirty guide to the rules of conduct that will help you maneuver your experience in Harvard’s 24-hour library during this hectic time.

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