Magic of Numbers: Postseason Accolades

Published by Saira Khanna on March 11, 2011 at 10:11PM

Each Thursday, The Crimson will compile a series of unique statistics about Harvard's sports scene. Welcome to the Magic of Numbers—without the problem sets. We'll do the math for you.

10: The number of athletes from Harvard women’s swimming and diving team who earned All-Ivy League Honors.

9: The number of athletes from the Crimson men’s swimming and diving team who received All-Ivy League Honors.

23: The number of wins the Harvard men’s basketball team has posted so far this year—a program record.

41: The number of times the Crimson men’s hockey team has qualified for the quarterfinals of the ECAC Tournament since its inception.

6: The number of athletes from the Harvard field hockey team who earned a selection to the 2010 Gladiator by SGI/NFHCA Division I National Academic Squad.

1,285: The number of career points scored by senior forward Emma Markley of the Crimson women’s basketball team. She is eighth on the all-time Harvard leader board.

The Full Court Press: Adam Riegel

Published by Alex Sopko on March 10, 2011 at 10:11PM

When Adam Riegel isn't posing as the first "a" in Harvard, he's playing defensive tackle for the football team.

Last Saturday’s men’s basketball game against Princeton showcased the athletic prowess of sophomore Kyle Casey, the determination of junior Keith Wright, and the ball-handling skills of classmate Oliver McNally and sophomore Brandyn Curry. But there was another standout on Saturday: the Crimson fans.

This week, the Full Court Press REMIX introduces you to sophomore Adam Riegel, a self-described “Superfan” and part of the football cheering core. In addition to his love of being half-naked and cheering on the men’s basketball team, Riegel also enjoys watching Yale and Princeton suffer. Every week, The Full Court Press gives you the sort of personal scoop that you’re not likely to hear at a typical press conference.


Football's Iannuzzi Seeking Career In CFL

Published by Dominic Martinez on March 10, 2011 at 10:11PM

Wide receiver Marco Iannuzzi is looking to continue his football career

Senior Marco Iannuzzi is Harvard’s all-time leader in yards per kickoff return, with an average of 26.5. During his final season, he returned two kickoffs for touchdowns, including an 84-yard return during The Game. Now, Ianuzzi is hoping to extend his football career to the next level. The senior wide receiver, a native of Calgary, Alberta,  participated in the Canadian Football League’s Evaluation Camp this past weekend.


Around the Water Cooler: Shall We Dance

Published by Robert S Samuels on March 08, 2011 at 10:11PM

Two big stories dominated the Ivy League this weekend. First, Emma Watson announced that she would take a temporary leave of absence from Brown. But the Harvard men’s basketball team (almost) made up for that loss. Facing a do-or-die situation, Harvard chose the former, riding to its first-ever Ivy League championship. Shockingly, other teams played over the weekend too. In squash, Harvard dealt with an unexpected loss, while a Princeton player became the first American to win it all in two decades. Take a break from those midterms, as we explain it all in another edition of Around the Water Cooler.

So in case you haven’t heard, Harvard had a pretty good week in men’s basketball. After beating Penn, 79-64, the Crimson came back the following night and, in the biggest game in program history, beat visiting Princeton, 79-67. The contest received national coverage, with airtime on ESPN3 and a number of tweets by Bill Simmons (who, in the best tweet of the night, wrote, “No. 33 from Princeton just killed a puppy”).


Harvard Picks Up Two Prep Stars

Published by Christina C. Mcclintock on March 07, 2011 at 10:11PM

The rich are getting richer. Two of Harvard's stronger teams, men's lightweight crew and women's soccer, will welcome top recruits to campus next fall—a C.R.A.S.H.-B. champion and a Central Florida Player of the Year, respectively.