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Humans Prevail in Kirkland Humans vs. Zombies Game

As dusk fell on Wednesday, 10 remaining humans readied themselves behind their fortification in Kirkland courtyard. The zombies rose from their graves, craving human flesh. The end was near- the final showdown between good and evil, the living and the dead. Would the zombies conquer? Or would any humans escape their bloodthirsty attacks unscathed?

After two weeks of carrying around water guns in their backpacks, throwing socks at zombie blockmates, and for some, even skipping lectures, the approximately 140 Kirkland House residents who began the game as living humans quickly saw their ranks diminish due to the murderous Alpha Zombie and his offspring.

Yardfest Countdown: Guide to Patrick Park

Yardfest is almost here—count down with us! Check out our primer to Kid Cudi, then watch for more Yardfest features to come. Today, we give you a guide to Patrick Park.

He is no hip hop artist. His lyrics don't scream “I be posted with my blunt and a brew my dude.” Instead, above the sentimentalized strumming of his guitar, he murmurs softly, “Maybe life is a song but you're scared to song along, until the very ending.” Patrick Park, due to infuse our red-brick yard with folk-rock spirit, will be the third act taking the stage in the Tercentenary Theatre this Sunday.

Adams Gong Found!

UPDATED: Apr. 15, 2010, 1:49 a.m.

The famed Adams gong, missing since before Housing Day, resurfaced early Wednesday afternoon—in Eliot House dining hall for all to see, no less. This happened the day before the gong's absence was about to be reported to the Cambridge police.

Merely four hours later, two Adams residents entered the Eliot dining hall to retrieve their prized emblem. According to Alana C. Ju '10—an Eliot national—“the pair stood around awkwardly and walked back and forth for a few minutes, then climbed up to take the gong while making obscene gestures at the honorable denizens of Eliot.”

HAA Makes Typo, Amends

In an e-mail sent out yesterday to the Class of 1975, the Harvard Alumni Association (HAA) apologized profusely for what some would consider at most a spelling error. Apparently, the recently printed Thirty-fifth Class Report omitted the "e" from "Radcliffe" on the book's spine.

According to the College Alumni Programs Web site, Class Reports "are a longstanding Harvard tradition, dating back at least to the mid-1800s. They serve as historical chronicles of classes and encourage alumni to reconnect with each other and the College through the sharing of current contact information, family news, and in-depth life stories."

Harvard Table Tennis Goes to Nationals

You’ve probably heard much about the accomplishments of Crimson athletes this year—from capturing Ivy League titles to making national headlines—but what about those non-varsity sports?

This past weekend, the Harvard Table Tennis Team sent three of its best players to the 2010 College Table Tennis National Championships in Waukesha, Wisconsin for the first time in four years.  Although the trip was not subsidized and the players had to pay out of pockets, they were still happy to attend the three-day tournament, which hosted over 250 table tennis players from more than 40 different colleges and universities.

Should Harvard's All-Male Final Clubs Go Co-Ed (Finally)?

"While the rest of the world moves towards gender equality, Harvard’s eight all-male final clubs have stubbornly remained on the wrong side of history," writes one final club member in this week's Fifteen Minutes. Read the scrutiny to find out why this Fox Club member is calling for Harvard's old boys' clubs to go co-ed.

The Gong is Still Gone

The infamous Adams House gong—which went missing the week before Housing Day—has yet to be returned, and Adams House authorities are getting serious about recovering it.

Thieves have until 10 a.m. Thursday morning to return the gong before a police report is filed and what is likely an interhouse prank turns into a criminal offense, according to an e-mail sent by an Adams House HoCo co-chair.

Sarah Palin is Coming to (Tea) Party

Whether you love her, hate her, or just have nothing better to do, you can see former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin as she speaks live in Boston Common today at 10 a.m. She’s appearing as a guest speaker for the Tea Party Express, a national bus tour that started in Laughlin, Nev. on Mar. 27 and will end in Washington D.C. on Thursday.

Drinking is Contagious

The person next to you yawns, and all of a sudden you can’t help but open your mouth, close your eyes, and take a gaping breath of air. It’s involuntary and seemingly contagious.

Well yawning isn’t the only thing that’s contagious, apparently so is drinking. If you partied hard on Friday night, it is more likely that your close friends did too.

Census Forms Due Today!

If you're planning on submitting your 2010 U.S. Census form, here's a friendly reminder that you need to turn it into your House today.

According to two separate e-mails sent out by Kirkland House building manager Scott Haywood and Pforzheimer House administrator Suzanne Watts, the College will collect the Census forms from drop-off boxes around midday today (1 p.m. in Kirkland and noon in Pfoho).

Chance to Lock Lips and French Kiss Near Harvard Square

French kissing is an art. It’s been perfected in movies, stories, magazines, and photos, but can often be hard to ace when it comes down to that awkward moment before the kiss begins. Eyes open or closed? Head angled to the right or to the left? Lots of tongue or no tongue at all?

This Saturday, The Boston Babydolls, a popular local burlesque ensemble, is giving you a chance to show your stuff in a kissing competition they’re hosting near Harvard Square. The group is hoping to promote the troupe’s new show “French Kiss,” which will be performed at the Oberon on April 25 and April 26 at 8 p.m.

A Political Shootout

While midterm elections are still a ways away, Democrats and Republicans on campus will have a chance to fight it out much sooner.

This Friday the Harvard College Democrats and the Harvard Republican Club will face off in their fifth annual “Paintball Brawl.”

Central Square

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