Sound Off: Murphy Takes Blame in Loss

Published by Kate Leist on September 27, 2010 at 3:11AM

In the modern era of sports, being a college coach carries with it the burden of constant media attention. Facing dozens of reporters at press conferences, head coaches have gotten more savvy—they say what they need to and leave the rest up for speculation. Here at The Back Page, we’re happy to decode some of these media sessions, showing the average fan what we think coaches’ answers “really” mean.

To say that Week 2 of Harvard’s football season didn’t go quite as smoothly as Week 1 is, well, a gross understatement. After his team was embarrassed in a 29-14 loss that was much more lopsided than the scoreboard indicated, Crimson coach Tim Murphy had to do his best to explain what happened. Murphy tips his hat to Brown and shoulders most of the blame himself in this week’s edition of Sound Off.


Tennis Coach Fish Looks Ahead to Season

Published by Catherine E. Coppinger on September 26, 2010 at 3:11AM

Entering his 35th season as the Scott Mead ’77 Head Coach for Harvard Men’s Tennis, Dave Fish ’72 is an oracle of sorts when it comes to tennis. Lucky for us, he imparted some wisdom as the Crimson got off to a strong start at the Northeast Invitational in Flushing, N. Y.

Though tennis is a technically a spring sport, a fall schedule of six individual tournaments plays a large role in the team’s training.

“Individual tournaments are very interesting developmentally,” Fish said. “Unlike a dual match where you may play somebody in your position, in an individual tournament if you beat someone who’s close to your ability, then you get to play someone who’s probably a little better. If you get on a roll, by the end of the tournament, your confidence is at an entirely different level.”


Harvard National Champions Honored at Fenway

Published by Molly E. Kelly on September 25, 2010 at 3:11AM

Who knew that having a national sports title could pay off so well?

On Wednesday, Sept. 22, some of Harvard’s very own national champions were honored at Fenway Park during the opening ceremonies of the final Red Sox–Orioles match up of the season.

Posing for pictures with Wally the mascot on the field, current and former Crimson athletes got the unique chance to see the park from a very different perspective.


Magic of Numbers: Summing Up the Fall

Published by Timothy J. Walsh on September 24, 2010 at 3:11AM

Each Thursday, The Crimson will compile a series of unique statistics about Harvard's sports scene. Welcome to the Magic of Numbers—without the problem sets. We'll do the math for you.


0 – Number of games under the lights at Brown Stadium before the Crimson squares off against the Bears on Saturday night.

4 – Consecutive road wins for Harvard, tied for the second-longest streak in the nation after James Madison (7).

9 – Number of times the Crimson has beaten Brown in its last 10 tries.

24 – Age of Harvard quarterback Andrew Hatch, who went 20 of 25 for 276 yards in his debut last week.

30 – Combined seasons at the helm for Harvard coach Tim Murphy and Bears coach Phil Estes.

21,704 – Fans in attendance at the Crimson’s home opener last Saturday.


Hoops Prospect High on Harvard

Published by Dennis J. Zheng on September 24, 2010 at 3:11AM

Harvard is now the leader for point guard Spencer Dinwiddie’s services, The Back Page has confirmed.

“The visit went great. I loved it,” said Dinwiddie following his official visit to campus last weekend. “Harvard’s a really great place. I loved the atmosphere and being around the guys. It really is a place I could go.”