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Bean Boots Blues

Bean Boots
Harvard's beloved fashion statement
Over the past year, Harvard has seen a massive influx of what some students call “duck boots.” These handmade, lumberjack-style boots from L. L. Bean are so popular that if you buy a pair of boots now, you can expect to be put on a waitlist of over 100,000 people. Here’s Flyby’s take on the boots’ recent rise to fame:

Update: Raven Wants to Come to Harvard

To all the Raven fans out there: Raven wants to come to Harvard, in fact she “would love to.” In response to Flyby’s article about the Bring Raven Symone to Harvard University Facebook page (yes, that exists), Raven tweeted on Friday that she would love to come visit, and she even hashtagged The Crimson (#wemade it, #famous). While nothing has been determined yet, Flyby is currently working to make this a reality! Follow us and stay updated, so we can all finally say “That’s *so* Raven” and mean it.

P.S. Raven, you should definitely wear the iconic Cheetah Girls tracksuit that every pre-teen girl wanted for her birthday.

P.P.S. There's a hashtag called #raventakesharvard. You know what to do. 

Late Night Food in the Square

You promised yourself that this semester would be different. You were going to stay on top of your work. No more procrastinating so that you’re up late enough to merit a second (or even third) dinner. But as the first pset due dates roll around, we’re all stuck in the same bad habits. So if you need another meal and brain break just isn’t cutting it, here is the definitive listing of late night food in the Square, from “just another night” to “one of those nights”.

Starbucks: If you’re just about to settle in for a long night of alternately getting work done and lamenting your life choices, coffee from Starbucks may be exactly what you need. If you’re getting started early enough, it’s even a pretty good place to get work done, and the baristas on the second floor give free refills. Closes at 1am.

ABP: Definitely doesn’t feel like a late-night spot, but ABP is open until 2am. If you’re looking for a pick-me-up but don’t want to be in an environment that screams ‘I’m gonna be up all night’, this is the place for you.

Felipe’s:  Burritos are arguably one of the best late night study foods. Unfortunately, you’re probably going to need to plan ahead if you’re going to want Felipe’s; it closes at midnight Monday through Wednesday but you’re in luck if your work is all due Fridays, because you can go get your fill of guac until 2am on Thursday nights.

Noch’s:  On a weeknight? You can get pizza and subs until 2am, so if you need something a little more comforting than ABP can offer, Noch’s is here to remind you of better times (like last Saturday night).

CVS: May God have mercy on your soul. If you’re up late enough that you’re taking a break after everything else in the Square is closed, you’ll find something at the 24 hour CVS (s/o to the weird fruit cups and pre-packaged sandwiches you feel judged eating Honestly, at this point it probably doesn’t even matter what you’re eating; you’re going to feel like garbage from mental strain and lack of sleep.

Bring Raven Symone to Harvard: The Movement

Pfister and Raven
Pfister offers Raven an umbrella
In the long list of venerated visitors that come almost daily to this campus, one is noticeably missing: Raven Symone. Fortunately, there’s a movement in the works to bring this issue to light: the “Bring Raven Symone to Harvard University” Facebook page, which currently boasts over 3,000 likes. The actress, most known for her role in the hit Disney television show “That’s So Raven” or her performances in the films Cheetah Girls and Cheetah Girls 2 (and a voice as Monique in the animated series Kim Possible), has never come to Harvard on an official visit. Her last album, provocatively titled Raven-Symone, was released in 2008, though she’s best known for singles like “That’s What Little Girls are Made Of” (which charted number 68 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in 1993) or “Cheetah Sisters.” She has long since been an American icon, yet has never been invited officially as a guest to our school. 

As the “About” section on the Facebook page explains, “This page was created for the sole purpose of bringing Raven Symone to Harvard University . . . we just want Raven to come to Harvard now, so she can instill an ounce of Cheetah-liciousness within us and apologize for Corey in the House.” The page also features photoshopped images of Raven at different places on Harvard’s campus, including standing in front of Widener Library and posing in the Yard. With the announcements about Hasty Pudding’s Woman of the Year and the subsequent visit of Amy Poehler to our campus last week, the page lamented, “Once again, the Hasty Pudding Institute of 1770 chose not to name Raven-Symone as its Woman of the Year . . . we promise to remain diligent in our fight to bring Raven-Symone to this campus.”

So what do you think? Do you support the movement to bring Raven back?


Congrats, Lampoon

Lampoon does the Crimson
The Lampoon does The Crimson unsuccessfully
The Harvard Lampoon, a semi-secret Sorrento Square social organization that used to occasionally publish a so-called humor magazine, usually doesn't produce actually funny content. Or any content in general.

But wait– wasn’t Conan in The Lampoon? Aren’t their comp posters witty? Doesn’t their website say that they publish lightning-quick, joke-heavy “kind-of-stories” that are so hilarious as to be a medical risk for some? All true. However, take the time to read something from their most recent issue “By any means necessary,” and you’ll find the real Lampoon.

This post isn’t about putting down the Lampoon, it’s about patting them on the back. Why? Because they just published a decent attempt at humor! That’s right, I’m talking about their annual spoof on The Crimson. 

If you didn’t get the print issue, then you can see all of their fake articles on And if you’re short of time then here’s a Tl;dr for you– you won’t think it’s funny unless you spend most of your time in a castle. 

The Banner Ad: Congratulations to the Lampoon for selling an ad on their fake website. Readers will notice that it is for alcohol and should assume that the Lampoon was paid in kind.

The Article Comments: In an allusion to the eclectic mix of people who comment on Crimson articles, the Lampoon does a nice job of posting faking comments. They’re exactly the same for every article, so funny!

Photos: I’m really impressed with the multimedia work it took to photoshop a BCG logo onto a gingerbread house or an Olympic stadium into Harvard Yard.

The Most Read List: Solid idea to link them all to pop-ups. I was really disappointed not to be able to read the Gato Rojo story though #upset #tears #teamcats

Lampoon Comp Ad: Terrible. 


To Fall in Love (with a Harvard Student), Do This

UPDATED: February 4, 2015, at 7:17 p.m.

A couple of weeks ago, the New York Times released a Modern Love essay describing a study where, after a series of 36 questions, psychologist Arthur Aron succeeded in making two strangers fall in love. The test is designed to create closeness through probing questions, before the strangers finish the activity by staring into each other’s eyes for four uninterupted minutes. When the author, Mandy Len Catron, tried it with one of her friends from college, she too fell in love. But Harvard students are special, and they merit a unique set of questions that ask not about our greatest fears or most important moments, but rather seek the answers we really need when thinking about future prospects in love:

Skating Through a Winter Wonderland

Yay, ice skating!
Yay, ice skating!
There’s no shortage of winter activities (or snow) in New England. If you’re not up for leaving the Cambridge area for skiing or snowboarding but still want to have some frosty fun, you’re in luck. Harvard Skate is back for another season, and manager Harrison Choate ’17, an inactive Blog editor, promises that this will be the biggest year yet.

 “I didn’t know about Harvard Skate before coming to Harvard,” Choate told the Crimson. “It adds a lot of life to campus during the winter, especially since the activity in the Science Center Plaza tends to die down after the fall. It’s a big draw for students.”

Harvard Skate was founded in 2012 as part of the Harvard Common Spaces Initiative and is currently staffed through Harvard Student Agencies. Last year, Harvard Skate received a new rink, but this year has seen some great improvements to the space. Two wooden decks, fire pits, and curling lanes with synthetic ice are now available as part of the Harvard Skate experience.

Harvard Skate is open from 12 to 9 p.m. everyday, and lessons are offered Friday afternoons, first come first served, at 3:30 p.m. Hot chocolate and s’mores kits are available for purchase for a warm winter treat. And on Wednesday, February 4th at 12 p.m., there will be a special event featuring figure skater Christina Gao ’17. Though the snow will be here until April, don’t wait to stop by Harvard Skate!

Super Bowl Recap

On February 1, the New England Patriots defeated the Seattle Seahawks 28-24 in Super Bowl XLIX. That’s the boring version of things. Try this: THE PATS WON, CUE THE DUCKBOATS. TB12 IS THE MOST HANDSOME MAN TO EVER WALK THE EARTH. Yes, this Recap is being written by an admittedly biased Pats fan, but your team didn’t just win the Super Bowl so deal with it. Here are a few things to note:

Groundhog Day Scandal

Charlotte is dropped!
Charlotte is dropped!
It’s Groundhog Day, which means we find out whether we’ll be living in a tundra for 6 more weeks, or we’ll be seeing happier and sunnier times. While there are many top groundhogs to watch for accuracy, Punxsutawney Phil of Pennsylvania apparently saw his shadow so he predicts 6 more weeks of winter– wait, really? Isn’t it snowing like no other right now while we trudge to classes? But weather aside, the real deal on Groundhog Day is the scandal Staten Island Chuck of New York and New York City mayors have been involved in.

Throwin’ it back to Groundhog Day 2009: former New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg used a cob of corn to lure the beloved Staten Island Chuck out of his wooden home, when Chuck apparently bit his hand, piercing through the then mayor’s leather gloves. Someone was annoyed. 

Then, on last year’s Groundhog Day, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio accidentally dropped “Chuck.” But the story gets worse, because “Chuck” was then announced dead a week later due to “sudden death injuries” and the “exact cause of the injuries could not be determined,” according to the Zoo. Hmmm.....

Except the story goes on. While everyone was mourning the death of Staten Island Chuck, it was actually revealed that the dead groundhog was in fact Charlotte, a female counterpart that replaced Chuck after fears that he would repeat Groundhog Day 2009 and bite Mayor de Blasio. Literally what is going on?!

So this year, to make Groundhog Day a little bit friendlier and safer between Mayor de Blasio and the real Chuck, Chuck stayed in a roomy glass enclosure, raised into it by an elevator called the “Chuck-a-vator.” He did not in fact end up seeing his shadow, so Mayor de Blasio announced that spring is coming (#blessed). “I think we finally understand each other,” the mayor said to Chuck this year.

Super Bowl Pro Tips for the Bandwagoners, Internationals, and Seahawks Fans

The 49th Super Bowl is about ready to kick off. Maybe you’re too busy studying for next month’s midterm or trying to figure out your schedule for next year (if so, take a step back). Otherwise, odds are you at least got invited to a study break watch party, or are amped to see if this year’s commercials can top this fantastic list, or maybe you’re psyched to see Frozen’s Princess Elsa sing the National Anthem, hoping that John Travolta will be announcing her name. Regardless of why you’re watching the game, there’s always a chance your crush will be there watching with you, in which case you want to know your ish. So, step by step, inch by inch, read this post to learn a little something about football and what teams are actually playing.


1. What is football?

It’s not soccer, so enough jokes from all you Brits, because the term “soccer” originated in England. In fact, the term “soccer” preceded the singular word “football” by about 18 years in describing the world’s most beloved game. So, jokes on you. Football is the game with a Hey Arnold head-shaped ball. There are touchdowns, field goals, and hot quarterbacks.

2. What is a “Super Bowl”

Super Bowl Sunday, for lack of a better definition, is the best day of the year. You wake up smiling, eat some chicken wings, watch some football, see who wins the ring, and hopefully smile some more, unless you’re a Pats fan circa 2007, when we went 16-0, got a little cocky, made a remix to Flo Rida’s “Low”, then lost to the Giants in the Super Bowl. 

3. Who is playing?

Figured this would be a nice transition, since, once again, the New England Patriots are in the Super Bowl. They currently have three rings, but there's always room for a few more. The Pats will be playing the Seattle Seahawks, who got their first ring last year.


 1. Tom Brady.

G.O.A.T. QB for the Pats. Married to Gisele Bundchen. Uggs Model. Objectively very sexy. Arguably one of the greatest quarterbacks ever. Call me biased (sorry, I’m from Boston), but let’s talk statistics. Today, he will be the second player in NFL history to appear in six Super Bowls. He holds the record for most playoff wins by a quarterback with 20. He holds the record for most playoff games started. He broke Joe Montana’s record for most postseason touchdown passes. What’s most impressive though? He’s one of the best football players out there, yet Gisele makes three times as much money as he does.

2. Russell Wilson

Before I get too biased, there is no way I can avoid the talent that Wilson holds as QB for the Seahawks. Not only can he throw touchdowns, but he isn’t afraid to get hit. Unlike Brady, who’s known to slide on the turf before he would ever take a chance at running, Wilson swept QB records in 2014 with 849 yards paced.

3. The Halftime Show

Get ready for some Fireworks, California Gurls, and maybe even a Roar. Katy Perry will rep the halftime show this year.

4. Who should I root for?

If you’re from Boston, New England, or go to school in Cambridge, it might get a little awkward, but who’s to judge? Basically, if you know nothing about football, go with the team with most attractive players (read: Rob Gronkowski). Or pick the best uniform. Or whoever’s winning. But, let’s be real, the winning team hosts a parade. TL;DR: If the Patriots win tonight, there will be a parade in Boston. Tom Brady will be there and so will I. It will be rowdy.

HUPD Police Log: While You Were Away…

For many students, winter break is a time to flop on the couch and watch TLC unapologetically while eating old Halloween candy enjoy time with family and write a strategic business plan for another startup. But for HUPD, the crime-fighting never stops.

Winter is Coming: Snowmaggedon 2015

Easter Island Head
Harvard freshmen sculpted an Easter island head behind Grays Hall during the snow storm that hit Cambridge on Feb. 5.
With forecasters predicting that the Boston area will be obliterated with up to 3 feet of snow this, starting now and lasting through early into Wednesday, administrators all over Massachusetts are preparing for the end of the world. The national weather service issued a blizzard warning from this evening through Wednesday, Massachusetts governor Charles D. Baker ’79 declared a state of emergency, and Harvard’s very own executive vice president for snow Katie Lapp sent an email alerting us that the University “will suspend all but core operations” this Tuesday.

School’s cancelled wooh!!! A special congratulations to all those Californians who will finally learn the joys of a snow day. However, Harvard students clearly earned this much needed break. After an awesome first day of shopping period—waking up, coming to class, taking notes—a day off! For those of you in the quad, think about taking two days off for the roads to clear. Remember you can never watch too much Netflix.

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