Ivy League Archives: How Good was this year's Crimson?

Published by Peter G. Cornick on March 06, 2012 at 3:12AM

Harvard senior Chris Lorditch embraces head coach Tim Murphy shortly after soaking him with Powerade. Harvard defeated Penn 37-20 and claimed its 14th Ivy League Championship on Nov. 12.

By clinching the Ivy League Basketball title this past weekend, Harvard became the fifth school in the Ancient Eight to claim both the basketball and football crowns in the same year. The Back Page took a look in the archives to see how the Crimson’s efforts on the hardwood and gridiron stack up with other school’s accomplishments.


Lin's Second-Half Performance Not Enough for Knicks in Overtime Loss to Celtics

Published by Keith H. Bender on March 05, 2012 at 3:15AM

The last time New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin ’10 and Boston Celtics Rajon Rondo and Paul Pierce shared a court was in November, at Lin’s collegiate home hardwood during the Boston Charity Classic. Lin and the Celtics stars joined other NBA players at Lavietes Pavilion in a charity contest for a friendly game at the height of the NBA lockout.

Sunday’s meeting was less amicable. Rondo guarded Lin in an overtime 115-111 win for the Celtics, and the Boston point guard posted a triple-double. The Harvard alum ran into foul trouble early and shot poorly in the first half but still scored 14 points.


Why You Should Watch Sunday's Knicks-Celtics Game

Published by Alexa N. Gellman on March 04, 2012 at 2:25AM

Jeremy Lin and the New York Knicks are traveling to Boston this weekend to take on the Celtics on Sunday at TD Garden.  Even if you are disheartened by losing the UC Ticket Raffle, here are some reasons why you should still make your way to the game:

1. JLin supported us, we should return the favor

Harvard men’s basketball took on Columbia in NYC on Friday night.  Lin, along with new pal Spike Lee, was spotted in the stands cheering on his former team.  Lin reportedly congratulated the Crimson in its locker room after the 77-70 overtime victory.  Return the love to the Knicks’ new star by supporting him at Sunday’s game.


The Jeremy LINeage Part II

Published by Juliet Spies-Gans on March 02, 2012 at 3:12AM

Just as The Back Page wrote last week, Jeremy Lin ’10 is quickly jumping up the list of Harvard’s most notable alumni. But, just as every media outlet reminds its audience every article, broadcast, or interview, the path hasn’t always been easy for Lin. Therefore, we at TBP had the idea to make Lin’s journey from Crimson bench player to the next NBA human-highlight reel as accessible as possible. So here it is, a Lineage of the point guard’s road from number four to number 17, resident of Harvard Yard to owner of a Trump Tower apartment.

The Jeremy LINeage Part II:


Lin Gives Knicks More Bang for Their Buck

Published by Robert S Samuels on March 02, 2012 at 3:12AM

Compared with some of the NBA's top players, Jeremy Lin '10 has ben quite a bargain for the New York Knicks this season.

There’s no question that Jeremy Lin ’10 has created a financial bonanza for the New York Knicks. Lin’s jersey has quickly become the hottest-selling item in the NBA, and the stock price of Madison Square Garden skyrocketed following the start of Linsanity. In fact, by February 13th, Lin was branded a fourteen million dollar man. He drew global attention to the franchise; suddenly everybody was a Knicks fan.

But in addition to his immense marketing draw, Lin has also been one of the best bargains in the NBA this season.

With a salary of just $762, 195—small change by NBA standards—Lin has averaged 14.6 points per game, currently 63rd best in the league.

Extrapolate that production over the whole strike-shortened 66-game season, and we find that Lin earns $790.99 per point scored.

When we compared that with some of the biggest names in the NBA, the difference was stark. LeBron James earns $8,860 for every point he scores. Lakers guard Kobe Bryant takes home $13,420 for each of his points, while San Antonio’s Tim Duncan and Boston’s Kevin Garnett are both paid over $20,000 per point —a figure greater than 220 J-Lin jerseys.

The Boston Celtics are next on the calendar for the Knicks and their underpaid, highly hyped point guard, who will be returning to the city where he first became a star. And although the Lin jerseys have been selling just as well in Boston, we will have to wait until Sunday afternoon to see if the notoriously devout Celtics fans have completely bought in to Linsanity.