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Untitled Unmastered

This is not a drill, I repeat, THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Kendrick Lamar, the talented mastermind behind the Grammy-awarding winning album To Pimp a Butterfly, or TPAB as the kids are calling it, has blessed the world with a surprise eight track release called untitled unmastered. Sounds like something we would title an Expos 20 essay, tbh.

The album is a collection of eight songs named after the date they were recorded. It has been reported that all of the tracks were outtakes that didn’t quite make the cut for To Pimp a Butterfly, but Kendrick liked them so much that he felt the people deserved to hear them. We are all so #blessed. Because of this, untitled unmastered. is being widely considered as more of a companion album to TPAB rather than a totally brand-new concept.

The whole record has a very stripped down, unprocessed, and dare we say ‘unmastered’ atmosphere. Kendrick pushes the free-jazz, experimental vibes that made TPAB so revolutionary even further, lacing each track with acoustic drumming (none of that artificial 808 nonsense for him), piano riffs, and the soulful wailing of saxophones. Oh, and can’t forget about a sick bassline to lay down the groove that we all expect from him.

In terms of lyricism, Kendrick is back with his politically charged and oh-so-relevant themes, spitting the truth left and right while leaving all of our minds blown. The line “Pimp, pimp, hooray!” pops up several times over the course of the album, unifying the tracks and creating a very complete feel to a work that otherwise plays up its unfinished edges, similar to the unfinished nature of the essay you submitted at 11:59 last night. untitled unmastered. features guest appearances from Cee-Lo Green and Jay Rock, and there is even a song produced by Alicia Keys’ five-year-old son (step aside Blue Ivy). Warning: hearing a young child who is richer and more famous than you’ll ever be may make you question whether or not that college degree is even worth it.

The new album/EP/collection of absolutely genius tracks is available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, and Tidal. Don’t worry, this isn’t a repeat of Mr. West’s refusal to give The Life of Pablo to us broke college kids.

Now go forth and have your life changed by the soon-to-be legendary untitled unmastered. Who needs to study for midterms, anyways?

HUPD Crime Log 2/23-3/1

February 23, 2016
Officer dispatched to take a report of a suspicious letter and package that an individual received.
If it fits it ships for one low flat rate.

February 23, 2016
Officer while on patrol assisted Cambridge Police Department with a report of an unwanted guest in a residential building. Officer arrived and report CPD took over scene and placed the individual under arrest for trespassing.
Ugh, the Big Dogs trying to take all of the credit, per usual.

February 25, 2016
Officer dispatched to take a report of tagging/graffiti to a table.
Only the hardest thugs sit at our lunch table.

February 25, 2016
Officers dispatched to a report of an individual wandering around area for a substantial amount of time. Officers arrived, located individual and report individual was just waiting for their son who was in an interview.
“Hey Mom, can I have a ride home after my Goldman interview?”

February 25, 2016
Officer dispatched to a report of a fire alarm going off. Officer arrived and report alarm activated from an individual recently smoking marijuana.
Strange, the officer didn’t report back for over an hour after that.

February 26, 2016
Officer dispatched to a report of the smell of marijuana coming from a room. At this time, a university official was on scene and made contact with an occupant of the room to which they were informed that this issue will be handled administratively
Now that we have the cops off our back, pass that around!

February 27, 2016
Officer dispatched to take a report of annoying text messages an individual received.
Just take the hint—no one wants to come to your shitty dorm pregame.

February 27, 2016
Officers dispatched to a report of loud noise coming from a room. Officers arrived, and report could not gain access to the building.
Shame that the department just defunded their battering rams unit.

February 27, 2016
Officer dispatched to take a report of a stolen green Mongoose bicycle valued at $100.00 The reporting individual informed the officer that their bicycle was secured to the bike rack with a chain lock valued at $10.00.
Having to walk back from the Quad for the rest of the year? Priceless.

February 27, 2016
Officer dispatched to take a report of a stolen Canada Goose jacket valued at $900.00
Looks like the Spee has really fallen on hard times.

February 27, 2016
Officer while on patrol observed an individual behind the bushes and acting suspicious. The individual was run for wants/warrants with negative results. The individual was then given a verbal trespass warning for all Harvard University property.
Invasive tourists are really taking it to the next level.

February 29, 2016
Officer dispatched to take a report of a stolen black Boosted motorized skateboard valued at $1,000.00.
How did they get away so quickly?

February 29, 2016
Officer dispatched to take a report of annoying emails an individual received.
For the last time, $50 Amazon gift card or not, I don’t want to take your stupid survey!

March 1, 2016
Officer dispatched to monitor a demonstration that went without incident.
A job well done, or rather, not done.

Check back next Friday for our next installment of HUPD Crime Log!

What Your “Just Going to the D-hall for Coffee” Outfit Says about You

Once you become a part of house life (or even if you’re particularly comfortable in Annenberg), the dhall will become essentially an extension of your room, albeit a part with more people and less dirty laundry. And sometimes, in your own room, you want to grab coffee (or, if you have more refined tastes, Diet Coke) without having to get all dressed up. Your d-hall outfit, however, is telling the rest of us camped out at brain break your whole life story. Here’s what you’re projecting:

Athlesiure (aka Health Goth)
You just went to the gym. Or, alternatively, you want people to think you just went to the gym. This is decidedly an active attempt to seem casual and put together, so it looks like you’ve mastered the art of balancing all aspects of your life. This is an obvious ploy, but for some reason, it still works every time. Congrats.

This is the end. You have a big assignment due tomorrow and you’re getting coffee so that you can start it tonight. We’ve all been there (and will be again), but it’s still embarrassing to bear witness to this particular brand of hopelessness.

Party Clothes
Dude, that coffee isn’t gonna sober you up in time to finish your work. Just call it quits and get a glass of water before you go to sleep. Don’t try to get cereal, though. You’re just going to make a huge mess and disturb the sad, resigned calm of everyone actually psetting in the dhall.

Business Casual
You always have it together. Always. You’ve never slept through class. You go to lecture, even when it’s recorded. Midterms don’t scare you, because you’ve actually done all the readings all semester. Teach me your ways. Please. I need to be rescued from myself.

So, there you have it. The definitive guide to what your dhall outfit says about the current state of your life. Dress like the person you want to be. Or, alternatively, just keep showing up to brain break in a onesie, because it’s cold and you have “serious work” to do.

Flyby Horoscopes: March

Flyby exec and amateur astrologist Kyle E. O’Hara counts many things among her talents—her impressive ability to drink Diet Coke before 10 a.m., her dogged pursuit of the position of El Jefe’s #1 customer, and her remarkable skill at napping at inopportune times. But most prominent of these talents is her questionable-at-best ESP. Check back on the first of each month for your Flyby Horoscope, courtesy of Kyle.

Hey, Harvard. I’m back with your March horoscopes. My editors have finally recognized my incredible abilities (or I’ve figured out how to post my own content — the world may never know). There are some great things in the stars this month for all signs — can you say spring break? These next two weeks, though, hold potential for serious chaos if not managed correctly. Take a look at your horoscopes for a little bit of guidance on how to navigate the coming month.

PISCES: With midterms and papers piling up, take a moment to reflect on your personal life and social relationships. While a grade is just one temporary measurement, friends are forever. Make time to reach out to your near and dear. Maybe even “grab a meal.”

ARIES: It’s going to be a good month for you, Aries. Things are coming together, and your hard work is paying off. Stay the course and finish strong on your projects that are wrapping up so that your effort doesn’t go to waste.

TAURUS: Remember to keep things in perspective. Things may be tough in the coming weeks, but you’re more than capable of handling what life throws your way.

GEMINI: Now is a time to be careful with your finances. With spring break coming up, Gemini, take care to keep track of your spending both in the Square and wherever your travels may take you.

CANCER: Communication is key to making it through this busy month. If you find yourself in a tough situation, don’t be afraid to ask for help. People want to help you, they just need to know how they can make things easier.

LEO: A change of space is in store this month. Whether that’s finding a new study spot or finally getting out of the Harvard bubble (or getting quadded), new scenery will do you good.

VIRGO: Focus on balance, Virgo. You don’t need to do absolutely everything to have a successful month. Prioritize the things that are most important to you, and only commit to new projects you’re excited about.

LIBRA: Keep holding onto the momentum you’ve built up over the past couple of months. Although it’s easy to get tired and let projects slip, if you recommit yourself, you fill find success.

SCORPIO: Now’s the time to declutter your life. Take a moment as you enter this month to evaluate which activities and relationships are fulfilling and which ones aren’t worth the effort.

SAGITTARIUS: Treat yourself, Sagittarius. You’ve been working so hard this semester; celebrate all you’ve accomplished thus far.

CAPRICORN: Work is at the forefront of your life this month, Capricorn. You may have to sacrifice some fun nights out, but it will be worth it when you get to see your projects come together successfully.

AQUARIUS: These next few weeks might be a drag, but spring break is going to give you plenty of time to rest and recuperate before the second half of the semester. Take the time to enjoy the little things.

Have a great month, Harvard. I’ll be back with more horoscopes and life advice on April 1st.

Where in the World is Lowell Tea?

With the Lowell House renovations scheduled to take two years, Dorothy and Diana, the Faculty Deans of Lowell House) are going to have to find an alternative space to hold their weekly teas. House life for Lowell students (and others that make the weekly trek for their fill of tea and desserts) would be severely lacking without this tradition, so it’s imperative that they find a temporary spot for this weekly feeding frenzy. As an avid tea-goer, I have a few suggestions for locations that may provide a suitable temporary home for Tea.

The Inn
An oldie but a goodie. This is sort of a no-brainer, especially if Lowell will be using the Inn to house students during the renovation. There’s plenty of space in the entrance and dining hall of the Inn, and access to a kitchen for the tea fairies to work their magic.

I’m still not entirely sure what this building is meant for, but I imagine it’s empty except during career fairs. It’s huge, so there would be space for all the quadlings that start attending because it’s in their own backyard. And it’s probably one of the few events that could get the rest of us to make the trek all the way out to the quad.

Flat Patties
If they could share the space with Felipe’s, this should work, right?

Hopefully, the Lowell Faculty Deans will take these suggestions into account, but, honestly, as long as there’s still sweet treats and hot tea, I’ll be fine fighting my way through a construction zone for another bite of baked brie.

RIP Panera

RIP Panera
Gone but not forgotten

This evening, as we stood in front of Panera mourning its sudden closing, we overheard an elderly woman put the news best: “Everything is going to hell.”

Truer words have never been spoken, especially after having just finished mourning the losses of local favorites like B.Good, Al’s, and Yenching. Continuing with what seems to be the year of tragic and unexpected restaurant closings, Panera will be the next Harvard Square Staple that is added to the seemingly ever growing list. According to an 8x11 piece of computer paper taped to Panera’s front door, Harvard Square’s Panera Bread Cafe has permanently closed as of today, February 29, 2016. The most sensitive of ways to inform its loyal customers of the this terrible tragedy to top off everyone’s leap day.

The sign reads: “This Panera cafe is permanently closed as of Monday, 2/29. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused you.” Panera, you have no idea– inconvenience is quite the understatement. Gone are the days of delectable grilled cheese sandwiches and cinnamon crunch bagels to cure even the worst of hangovers. A Harvard Square devoid of warm artisan pastries, broth bowls, hot chocolate, and easily accessible nutritional facts might as well declare itself in a Square of Emergency. RIP Panera, your loss will be sorely missed. Everything truly is going to hell.

The Five Types of Blocking Drama Creators

With the rising Sophomore Housing Lottery registration opening next Monday, Feb. 29, blocking drama has come in like a wrecking ball. The stress in the environment is visible through the decrease in food supply at Annenberg because of freshmen eating their feelings and the lack of lack of Kleenex packs at the CVS in the Square. Blocking, just like everything else at Harvard ranging from getting into a finals club to exiting Lamont Library, is an unnecessarily complicated and painful process.

The Leader
Blocking leaders take their blocking responsibilities very seriously. Blocking leaders spend so much time creating and resolving blocking drama, that they consider it one of their extra curricular activities. In fact, you can find their commitment to such position under the “Leadership” section of their resumes.

The Secret Schemer
This silent schemer may come across as the underdog of the blocking hierarchy. He doesn’t complain, or criticize. On rare occasion, you can catch the secret schemer having shady one-on-one talks with a random person that somehow ends up being part of your blocking group.

The Blocking Polygamist
Blocking Polygamists have a tendency to drunkenly commit to more than one group and hate confrontation. The blocking polygamist cannot stand all of the drama and just wishes “we could all get along like we used to in middle school and bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles”.

The Quadaphobic
Quadophobics’ biggest nightmare is having to live in the quad. Since the beginning of the year, they have tried to convince multiple specialists that Harvard made them suffer from can’t eat–can’t sleep–can’t work–can’t socialize disorder. Whether or not such issues are true, getting accommodations from the AEO is less likely than the PC going coed. The typical Quadophobic has even considered transferring to Yale if things go astray.

The Blocking Fortune Teller
This person tends to hangout around Lamont Café, pretending to be doing a pset. When a scared, innocent freshman passes by they seize the opportunity to analyze and to shower them with blocking myths. The biggest insult you can receive from the classic blocking fortunetellers is “wow, you are so Pfoho” or “ I feel like you are more of a Cabot type”.

The One Ring (Ceremony) to Rule Them All

The Quad/Shire looking its beautiful green self as always.
The Quad/Shire looking its beautiful green self as always.
If you’re a member of the Class of 2017, you’ve probably heard about the Harvard Student Agencies’ One Ring Ceremony. “What’s that, Chris?” I can hear you all asking me. No, no, it’s not just a class ring. Gather around and let me tell you a story…

“Long ago, in Middle Cambridge, Rakesh Khurana was but a happy Hobbit living in the Shire/Quad. Rakesh’s cousin who is somehow 78 years older than he, Bilbo Pfister, had long been in possession of a valuable ring. On Pfister’s eleventy-first birthday, his old friend Gandalf Dingman told him that the ring was incredibly dangerous and persuaded Pfister to leave the ring behind and go party with some elves.

Rakesh hung out in the Shire for a while with the ring, living it up and having open dialogues left and right. Sean Astin was there, too. He provided comic relief. Anyway, Gandalf Dingman came back and told Rakesh and Sean Astin that they needed to GTFO because the ring was putting them in danger. Even though Gandalf sounded like an absolute nutjob and gave them no hard evidence, Rakesh and Sean peaced out. On the road, our heroes met two diminutive Securitas officers that they knew from the Shire and their fellowship grew a little bit.

While on the road, a couple of creeps in hoods started pursuing Rakesh and his buddies, but they ducked into the Kong for shelter. While the two Securitas officers argued about drink sizes (“they come in pints? I’m getting one.”), Viggo Mortensen came out of nowhere. Honestly, the only way to describe his appearance is dusty: pretty hot, but in a shabby, outdoors-y kind of way. Viggo told Rakesh that his crew was making a scene, but he has a heart of gold so he agreed to help them out. He promised to take Rakesh and the ring to Mass Hall where they could convene with President Elrond Faust.

On the way, Rakesh was stabbed by one of the creepy guys in hoods, but Viggo Mortensen used some plant nonsense to fix everything up. When they got to Mass Hall, President Faust told Rakesh and his fellowship that the ring had once belonged to Evelyn Hammonds and that she would stop at nothing to get it back. To save Cambridge, Rakesh had to go to the Science Center and destroy the ring in a cauldron of some chemical that I’m too dumb to understand because I’m an English major. So our heroes set out and… you’ll need to wait for the next film to find out what happened.”

So that’s the story, young ones. The One Ring Ceremony this weekend is actually meant to commemorate Dean Rakesh Khurana’s valiant quest to vanquish evil and definitely NOT to convince nostalgic parents to buy class rings during Junior Parents Weekend for their near-adult children.

HUPD Crime Log 2/16-2/25

February 16, 2016
Officers dispatched to a report of an unknown individual knocking on an individual's window. Officers arrived and report individual gone on arrival.
O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou… oh, wrong room, sorry.

February 16, 2016
Officer dispatched to take a report of a stolen Samsung Galaxy S6 cell phone valued at $600.00 and a Mophie charging case valued at $90.00.
Consider this a sign that it’s time to upgrade to an iPhone.

February 17, 2016
Officer dispatched to take a report of a stolen black Alexander Wang coat valued at $350.00 and keys.
Now maybe Identities will finally accept me as a model...

February 18, 2016
Officers dispatched to a report of an individual in the area who was aggressively peddling. Officers arrived and report individual gone on arrival.
Girl Scouts gone wild.

February 20, 2016
Officer dispatched to take a report of malicious discharge of a fire extinguisher.
New weapon of choice: fire extinguisher.

February 20, 2016
Officers dispatched to a report of loud noise coming from a room. Officer arrived and advised occupants of room J102 to turn music down.
We all know where to go for a good time now.

February 21, 2016
Officers dispatched to assist CPD with the search of a suspect in a recent incident. Officers arrived and report CPD was off with suspect.
Suspects make great plus-ones.

February 22, 2016
Officers dispatched to a report of an unwanted guest in an empty classroom. Officers arrived and report individual gone on arrival.
Just being in a Harvard classroom can make you smarter.

February 22, 2016
Officer dispatched to take a report of stolen U.S. currency valued at $34.00.
There goes my weekly budget for LamCaf venti caramel macchiatos.

Check back next Friday for our next installment of HUPD Crime Log!

Flyby's Guide to the Most Absurd Junior Parents Weekend 2016

Apparently Junior Parents Weekend, also known as Junior Parents “Invited-To-Harvard-So-The-Coop-Sells-Its-Quota-Of-Class-Rings” Weekend, commences tomorrow. If only one of the countless Deans of Harvard sent as many emails about Junior Parents Weekend as they send about the weather, we juniors wouldn’t be scrambling to simultaneously rid our rooms of sin and determine the purpose of Junior Parents Weekend before our sweet parents arrive. Since the “tentative” Class of 2017 Junior Parents Weekend schedule is far too many Google searches and PDF downloads away, we here at Flyby have done you the favor of acknowledging the most important (read: absurd) events offered during Junior Parents Weekend 2016.

Nature Walk in Harvard
Harvard Square is known for its plethora of nature, from its receding grass patches to its occasional tree stumps to its notorious turkey. We just hope Pfister and his fungi make an appearance.

Jogging Tour of Harvard & Fun Run
We really hope this is a sick joke. Also, are the jogging tour and fun run two separate entities?

Class of 2017 Ring Sizings
Because nothing screams “family fun” more than getting fitted for a ring that’ll cost your parents their flight home.

Green Tour of Harvard Yard
This sounds illegal in every state but Washington and Colorado.

Music and Memories
Is this an event, or the name of One Direction’s next single?

Searching For Signal
We’ve seen enough.

Pro Tip: If your parents are kind of the worst and forgot to make reservations for dinner, fear not. For an ever-so reasonable $18.25 each, mom and dad can join you for a delightful HUDS supper (because beef meatballs and soup du jour sound too good to pass up).

So there you have it– Flyby’s Guide to the Most Absurd Junior Parents Weekend. We wish you and your parents an unforgettable weekend of rings, nature, and “green.”

There Is (Well, Was) An Imposter HUDS Twitter

A few weeks ago, my fellow writer Nacho wrote a post lamenting the decline in the quality of HUDS meals compared to 1909, when they had broiled halibut and lamb chops for breakfast. To our surprise, what we thought was the official HUDS twitter retorted back at us with a lot of sass:

We at Flyby were pretty upset for a bit, that is until the actual HUDS twitter account (@HUDSinfo) informed us that they were the real deal, and @HarvardDining was in fact fake. What? There was someone out there pretending to be HUDS on Twitter? Why?

Unfortunately, perhaps as a result of our attempts to pull back the curtain and expose the mysteries of this HUDS parody, the account was recently suspended from Twitter. It left this cruel world too soon. It will be missed.

@HarvardDining was actually pretty funny. They started tweeting in March 2014 and at their demise had 37 followers, one of which was the actual HUDS twitter—keep a close eye on your enemies, maybe?

Sometimes, @HarvardDining liked to mix politics and Sunday Sundaes:

Other times, they liked to be very protective over their food:

They even started #twitterbeef with Pfoho:

But at the end of the day, we just want to know, @HarvardDining, who were you? And where did you go?

Flyby's Predictions for Housing Day Anthems

Some Houses have already released previews of their 2016 Housing Day videos, but we are not yet convinced that the Dark Side (or long and drawn-out scrolling lines of text fading into the vast expanse of outer space) looks good on Dunster, or that Eliot really needs to apologize for anything (or maybe it should – see below). For HoCos that have not started making their videos yet, here are some recommendations based on an appraisal of your House character.

Adams: FourFiveSeconds (Rihanna, Kanye West, and Paul McCartney)

This song is fitting for two reasons. First, we get it, Adams. It actually takes only four or five seconds to get from class to your front door. But on the other hand, that is also how long it takes for you to find a cockroach or furry roommate. Everything comes with a tradeoff.

Cabot: Hello (Adele)

Hello from the other side. Of campus. Of the world, it sometimes seems. Hello from across the Quad, because Cabot is not even completely connected. If you’re placed into Cabot, you’ll be wondering if after all the years it takes you to make it to the River for Sunday brunch, your friend will still like to meet to go over everything (on your problem set due the next day).

Currier: Can’t Feel My Face (The Weeknd)

Yes, another Quad joke. Currierites are probably so cold by the time they finally get back home that they physically cannot feel their face, with or without that special someone.

Dunster: Wildest Dreams (Taylor Swift)

The Dunster renovation took the best of classical Harvard and the best of trying to live in the 21st century to satisfy living quarters that had previously been only in our wildest dreams. Here’s to hoping it satisfies all of yours, too.

Eliot: B!tch Better Have My Money (Rihanna)

Rihanna earns a second spot on our list with a song that sounds like it could have been written by Eliot HoCo. Hope you’re ready to pony up if you get Eliot.

Kirkland: Hands To Myself (Selena Gomez)

Kirkland residents literally cannot keep their hands to themselves. Exhibit A: Incest Fest. Get ready to know your blockmates extra well if you get placed here.

Leverett: WTF - Where They From (Missy Elliott and Pharrell Williams)

“What? Leverett? Is that a House?” asks a perfectly innocent freshman. Yes, and YOU might live there next year. But don't worry, just because you aren’t really sure which of the brick buildings along the River is McKinlock doesn’t mean it won’t make a loving home for the next three years. Just watch out for man-eating rabbits in the courtyard and rabid physics p-setters in the dining hall.

Lowell: Hold My Hand (Jess Glynne)

When freshmen entering Lowell learn that they will be out of their House for their junior and senior years, endless hand holding and tear wiping will be in order. Rumor has it Diana and Dorothy are thinking of relocating Lowell Tea to El Jefe’s location for the interim, knowing that nothing in that space lasts too long anyway.

Mather: The Night Is Still Young (Nicki Minaj)

You will be using this line every weekend to make sure you take full advantage of your single. Just make sure you turn up your boom badoom-boom super bass so you don’t scar your neighbors with the wild mating call of your anaconda.

Pforzheimer: Where Are U Now (Jack U and Justin Bieber)

“Ugh, another Quad joke,” you’re probably thinking to yourself right now. Well, you’re right. There were not many good songs to choose from in 2015.

Quincy: When We Were Young (Adele)

Quincy seems to be all about the contrast between old and new. With the opening of Stone Hall in 2013, New Quincy became old and Old Quincy (formerly Increase Mather Hall) became new. Though Adele reflects on yesteryear, current freshman can look forward to not having the crazy Quincy dining restrictions imposed on them for the rest of their Harvard career. The future ain’t so bad after all.

Winthrop: Drag Me Down (One Direction)

2015 was the year that Winthrop dragged everything down... or maybe vice versa. As asbestos rains onto students from the walls and the ceilings, our fingers are crossed for the future of the House of Throp.

Dining Delights: Spicy Burgers, Chili Fries, and Ice Cream Sandwiches

In this series, we showcase creative and delicious recipes that can be made using only food found in dining halls.

Dining hall food doesn’t have to be boring. If you're getting tired of HUDS's repetition, there are many creative ways to mix different ingredients together to make more exciting meals.

The Spicy Egg Burger
This particular dish was made only with ingredients from the grille and the sandwich bar, two resources that are always available during lunch and dinner.

From the sandwich bar:

From the grille:

Melt the cheese onto the hamburger in the microwave for about ten seconds.

Place all the ingredients on the bun with the over-easy egg on top. Make sure not to break the yolk!

Spread the mayo onto the top bun, and add some Tabasco sauce for spice.

Chili Cheese Fries
This meal is very easy. Look out for any type of fries on the HUDS menu and use a few simple ingredients to make it a bit more exciting!

From the entrees:
Waffle fries (or any other fries that HUDS might be serving that day)

From the chili station:
Turkey chili
Sour cream
Green onions
Shredded cheddar cheese (sometimes found in the salad bar)

        Pour the chili onto the waffle fries and top it off with cheese, sour cream and green onions!

        Ice Cream Sandwich with Cereal (that doesn’t cost $7)
        You can always count on cookies and soft serve in the dining hall. Why not combine them? Insomnia Cookies has a similar product, but sometimes we don’t want to spend nearly ten dollars on our dessert. Luckily this one is free!

        2 Cookies (chocolate chip, Ranger, Oatmeal raisin, you name it)
        Soft serve (chocolate, vanilla, mango, too many options!)
        A small bowl of cereal (again, so many options!)

            There are so many cookie-ice cream-cereal combinations possible, but this specific creation is made up of two chocolate chip cookies, vanilla soft serve, and crispy rice cereal.

            Place one cookie on the plate, with the bottom facing up.

            Swirl on some vanilla soft serve.

            Place the second cookie on top.

            Roll the side of the ice cream sandwich in the cereal.

            Take a huge bite

            Die of happiness and come back to life to finish eating!

            These are only some of the possibilities that HUDS can offer you. Keep your eyes out for more Delights from Flyby!

            Last-Minute Spring Break Plans

            If you are anything like us at Flyby, you've probably procrastinated on planning your Spring Break until now. But don’t worry, dear reader, we've got you covered. Here are some cool last minute spring break options for you and your lazy and/or disorganized friends.

            Exotic but affordable
            Where: Reykjavik, Iceland
            You’re probably thinking: Why would I want to go to a place called Iceland, which seems like Boston’s evil twin? Boston gets enough snow already. But fear not, fellow Harvardians. Dubbed the nightlife capital of the North, Reykjavik is the new hot place. Known for its breathtaking national parks, Iceland offers volcano and glacier hikes, whitewater rafting and crystal blue lagoons full of naturally warm ocean water. You read that correctly. There are hot springs. And at night, you can go out to the many bars and clubs sprawling throughout the capital. (The drinking age is 20, by the way, for you thirsty sophomores out there.) An added bonus is that with only three more weeks until spring break, the round trip flights cost around $400 for a 5-hour flight each way. So go! Find those tickets on Student Universe before the prices soar.

            Where: Red River Gorge, Kentucky
            When: 3/12-3/20
            Who: Harvard Mountaineering Club
            Cost: $150 + gear
            For all you outdoorsy people that love getting down and dirty with Mother Nature, this is the trip for you. The Harvard Mountaineering Club offers a climbing trip every year and this year they are headed to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky. The trip begins with a 14-hour road trip where you get all cozy and comfy (maybe a little too comfy) with your fellow climbers. Once you arrive at the nature reserve, you spend a week camping and climbing cliffs. They take a mix of experienced and inexperienced climbers and rent out gear, so no need to fret if you’re a novice and don’t even know what a carabiner is.

            Where: Mississippi
            Who: PBHA
            If you are looking for a really fruitful yet alternative experience, the PBHA alternative spring break trips might be right for you. Every year the organization plans service trips to cities across the US. Fortunately for you procrastinators out there, the Mississippi trip, focusing on Civil Rights, is still taking applications. Apply now before the spots fill up!

            Where: Good ole Boston
            If all the midterms got you down and you just want to Netflix and chill (literally) in the comfort of your dorm room, treat yourself to a staycation. Once you’ve finished binge watching the entirety of Scandal, muster up the courage to venture out into the icy depths of Boston (although no one really knows what’s up with the weather, it could be sunny, who knows) and become a tourist in your own city! It shouldn’t be too hard as we can model ourselves after the myriad tourists we bump into everyday on the way to class. Explore Quincy Market and Boston Common, watch all the box office hits you haven’t seen since the semester started, finally go to the MFA, and maybe gorge yourself with some quality pasta at the North End. Relish your free time in Boston and Cambridge before all those psets and papers start again.

            No matter who you are, or what you like to do in your (nonexistent) free time, there are still plenty of viable Spring Break options. Someday you’ll have to learn that waiting until the last minute for everything isn’t sustainable, but today is not that day!

            Mixed Responses to Caitlyn Jenner, Fossil Fuels, and Mixers Gone Awry

            The quick and dirty about what's been going on around the Ancient Eight (and other schools too).

            First of all: are you following the Ivy League campus story? That’s probably the best place to get news about what is happening in and around the elite schools of the North East, but if you haven’t been keeping up, Flyby is here to fill you in.

            Harvard may have had Lucy Liu and Conan O’Brien visit, but Penn had Caitlyn Jenner. Reactions to the event were mixed, with the Daily Pennsylvanian reporting that front-row audience members left early, and that many students were “disappointed” and found Jenner “self-absorbed.” Surprising! Who would have expected that from a reality TV star?

            Demonstrations continue at Yale. Most recently, Fossil Free Yale (FFY) gathered outside the president’s office to protest the Yale Corporation. The demonstrating students voiced concerns about the secretive nature of the University’s official governing board, setting up four faceless mannequins to symbolize the Corporation, as well as the university’s divestment policy.

            At Duke, which granted is not in the Ivy League, but is often grouped in along with us, a Delta Sigma Phi and Kappa Kappa Gamma mixer “Kappa Kops” caused controversy on campus, and motivated a “teach-in on prison abolition and the ways in which mass incarceration is tied up in systems of power evident in greek life.” Protesters called for the abolishment of both the American prison system and Greek life. One individual even held a sign reading “Rush KKKG.” There’s definitely a lesson to be learned here regarding putting a little thought into your choice of theme for that next mixer.

            Brown students should take note, as it appears that sorority girls have infiltrated the campus. We’re a little confused by this, as we thought Brown only had two types of students -- hipsters and hippies.

            Check back for our next installment of Around the Ivies every other Monday

            6 New Terms to Start Using in 2016

            River Rat:
            Definition: The less cute antonym to quadling.
            River Rat 1: Excuse me? Where does the shuttle pick up? I’m just a lost and cold River Rat who swiped right on a quadling.

            Definition: When a not-so-welcome suitor on the river texts you late at night and you respond “oh sorry, I’m already back in the quad”
            Blockmate 1: Ugh, that Fly boy just texted me again. I think he wants a late night hookup.
            Blockmate 2: Ew. Quash that quickly, but soften the blow with an emoji.

            Definition: that absurdly hot move when your SO braves the cold and ventures to the quad for the night.
            Girl 1: What are you up to tonight?
            Girl 2: The boyf is 1636’ing it. He’s so sweet.

            Shuttle buddies:
            Definition: A quadling and a river rat who are hooking up.
            Quadling 1: I'm kind of into the Eliot Hoco Chair...
            Quadling 2: I hear he’s already shuttle buddys with that girl in Currier.

            Definition: Going home with a freshmen… to their place.
            Roommate 1: Where is roommate 2?
            Roommate 3: Proctoring in Hollis. The next shuttle was 42 minutes away.

            The Club Penguin Waddle:
            Definition: No, nothing to do with that amazing website from circa 2002. It’s the way a pack of girls shuffle back from the finals clubs in their too-high-heels after losing their Canada Geese.
            Clover patron 1: Look at those girls doing the club penguin waddle.
            Clover patron 2: They look so cold!

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