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Mound Dominance Propels Softball Team

April 06, 2011

Coming into the year, it looked like the TBS show to best describe the Harvard softball rotation was “Meet the Browns.”

These days, to the rest of the league, it’s a lot more like “House of Payne.”

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400 Men Of Harvard Witnessed Victory

March 08, 2011

Until Saturday night, I had assumed that the Harvard-Yale football game at the Yale Bowl in 2009 would be the best athletic event I would get to see as a student here.

I was wrong, and I’m lucky that I was.

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Weather Affects Interest in Sports

September 28, 2010

I grew up in a family and a community where sports often dominated television time and conversation. To an extent, this is true for much of Los Angeles—the seasons can be better defined as football, baseball, and basketball than by the traditional four segments of the year.

My academic calendar generally came second in importance to sports too. The start of the school year meant cheering against USC most Saturdays and watching whatever the big networks broadcasted on Sundays. Spring break was usually the start of a six-month love affair with MLB Extra Innings on DirecTV. “One more inning, Mom” was my version of “the check is in the mail.”

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Beauty After Ruin

Beauty After Ruin

Harvard Ed Portal Opening

Year In Review 2015

Fischer Touchdown

Year in Sports 2015

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