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Late Controversial Penalty Aids Football to Victory

2 days ago

The whistle blew. The flag flew. The crowd booed. And booed.

That’s the story. But what happened?

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First Impressions Still Create Questions for Team

10 days ago

Conner Hempel. Wow. That offensive line. Jeez.

That’s the best way to describe the Harvard football team’s season-opening 41-18 win against Holy Cross on Friday. Sometimes, verbs aren’t necessary.

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Ivy League Football Schedule Ready for Remake

September 11, 2014

By the end of this column, you will understand why the Ivy League schedule is going to change, and why I have to start by talking about pre-term planning.

The tool that tries men’s souls, a Cthulhu-like nightmare worthy of True Detective, pre-term planning has no proper historical or cultural precedent. Except maybe Frankenstein’s monster, since Dean of Undergraduate Education Jay M. Harris called the program “horrible” two years after witnessing its profane creation

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Hodges Looks To Lead Crimson's Charge

September 05, 2014

You have never seen senior Zach Hodges quite like this, you might have thought if you went to Harvard football practice this week.

Maybe you have seen Hodges line up many times, hands on the turf like an elite sprinter, ready to attack his prey with unmatched ferocity.

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Princeton in Prime Position for Ivy Football Title

November 15, 2013

This Saturday’s Harvard-Penn game could have been the biggest of the year, another de facto Ivy League Championship Game in a long line of them. But then the Quakers played the fourth quarter last week.

Penn had jumped out to a 16-0 lead over Princeton at Franklin Field and held a lead midway through the third quarter. Then the Tigers pounced. The Quakers’ 23-17 advantage turned into a 24-23 deficit, and then a 31-23 hole. Princeton’s defense held Penn to 41 fourth-quarter yards while the visitors pulled away from the defending Ivy champions, 38-26.

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