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Laughing to End White Supremacy

August 14, 2017

There’s nothing funny about the white supremacist march in Charlottesville. Three people are dead—two of them police officers—and 35 others were injured. Peaceful protestors were run over with a car. America showed that white supremacy still has a firm grip on the nation’s consciousness, and that when those who nurse it are emboldened, the results are devastating.

But maybe someday, when the wounds are not so fresh, there’ll be a joke to be made about tiki torches and the ridiculousness of chants like “you will not replace us.” Joking about white supremacy might be the way we begin to dismantle it.

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White Friends

August 07, 2017

At Harvard, you can take one look around any dining hall and see them—an all-white friend group of five or six, sitting together talking about who-knows-what. Unlike an all-black or brown group, they don’t garner unwanted attention or criticism of self-segregation. As I binge-watched 10 seasons of “Friends” this summer in my temporary, non-air-conditioned Harvard dorm room, I realized why these all-white friend groups are allowed to exist in peace.

“Friends” features six adults in New York City. Despite living in one of the most racially diverse cities in the country, every single one of them is white. When actors of color make an appearance on the show, they’re relegated to supporting roles.

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Performative Progressives

July 31, 2017

{image id=1323634 align=center size=large byline=true caption=true} It hurts to think back to election night. After a few hours of watching the votes come in with the people I’d spent countless hours on the campaign trail with, the results were becoming clear.

The room felt suffocating, so I decided to take a walk alone. For a few minutes, I strolled along the Charles River, watching the soft glow from Weeks Bridge as an existential dread formed in my stomach. I walked in a heavy silence, thinking about the organizing and campaigning we’d done, realizing that, although ultimately not enough, we’d given it our all.

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Progress is Happening Too Despacito

July 24, 2017

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I can just hear it now. The high-pitch screams when the first note comes on at what is sure to be a sweaty dorm party this fall.

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The Reality of Racism

July 17, 2017

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Reality TV, in all of its pre-scripted, overly edited glory, is an escape of sorts. After a busy day of readings, club meetings, and exhausting social interactions, I like to open up my laptop and soothe myself with it. Sometimes I turn on E! to Keep Up with the Kardashians. Other nights, “Say Yes to the Dress” gives me the day of wedding dress shopping I’ll never have. On warm summer evenings, “Big Brother” transports me into a house of romance, lies, and competition.

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