The Other Lin Girl

The New Murphy's Law

November 24, 2015

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Murphy’s Law is a commonly known adage which posits that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

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New Week, Same Story: Crimson Opponents Float Away

October 28, 2015

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Seven minutes into the second half of the highly anticipated Harvard-Princeton football game, something strange caught my eye. Two balloons—one orange, one black—escaped from a child’s hands in the Princeton stands and drifted up, up, and away.

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Crimson Continues Its Roll in Domination of Cornell

October 15, 2015

On one of the few weekends in Ithaca, N.Y., where the weather is actually bearable, there were remarkably few students on Cornell’s campus.

It was fall break for students, which marks an annual mass exodus from upstate New York for the second weekend of October.

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Despite Win, Defending Champion Crimson Shows Room for Improvement

September 23, 2015

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With more reporters than expected showing up for the Harvard-University of Rhode Island tilt, the front row of the Meade Stadium press box was probably about 10 feet too short and 10 degrees too hot to be comfortable for any of the media.

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In The Game, Pendulum Swings Harvard's Way

November 23, 2014

When a pendulum swings through the air, a drag force will inevitably cause its swings to get smaller and smaller until it stops. That’s reality, and that’s life.

The swings of the momentum pendulum that was the 131st playing of The Game were nothing like reality. They began small, and then grew bigger, until the final swing catapulted this matchup between Harvard (10-0, 7-0 Ivy) and Yale (8-2, 5-2) to perhaps one of the biggest in history.

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