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In The Game, Pendulum Swings Harvard's Way

November 23, 2014

When a pendulum swings through the air, a drag force will inevitably cause its swings to get smaller and smaller until it stops. That’s reality, and that’s life.

The swings of the momentum pendulum that was the 131st playing of The Game were nothing like reality. They began small, and then grew bigger, until the final swing catapulted this matchup between Harvard (10-0, 7-0 Ivy) and Yale (8-2, 5-2) to perhaps one of the biggest in history.

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Bulldogs Can't Be Saved

November 20, 2014

I’ll be the first person to admit that “Crimson” is a lousy mascot. It’s a color, it doesn’t do anything—I’m pretty ambivalent about it.

But as a future veterinarian, I have to objectively say that there is no worse mascot than a bulldog.

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Harvard Sings All the Way Home from Princeton

October 30, 2014

­If you passed a bus heading from New Jersey to Cambridge on Saturday night with the soulful tunes of Frank Sinatra booming out, don’t be surprised. According to Harvard football coach Tim Murphy, after road victories, the offensive linemen will sing anything on the bus ride home, from “Sinatra to rap.”

“It’s amazing, it sounds pretty good,” said Murphy about the linemen singing.

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Women's Basketball Will Miss Senior Captain

March 26, 2014

Playing in just her second Ancient Eight game ever, then-freshman guard Christine Clark caught a pass from senior guard Brogan Berry, drove into the lane, and pulled up for a jumper with four seconds to go. One defensive stand later, and the women’s basketball team survived a road test at Columbia, 69-68.

Fast forward three years. Similar situation, different personnel—of that original starting lineup, only Clark remained.

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AROUND THE IVIES: For Football, It All Comes Down to This

November 22, 2013

Hopefully, when Tim Murphy and Buddy Teevens worked together at Maine almost 30 years ago, they listened to a lot of Beatles music together.

In particular, track two from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

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Beauty After Ruin

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